Sr. Software Engineer (US)

Marlborough, MA
10 - 15 years


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Computer Information Systems/Information Technology


  • Design and develop enterprise applications using .Net Framework, C#, REST, OOPS, Microsoft SharePoint and SQL programming and support them for future enhancements.
  • Design and develop UI for applications with SharePoint framework, JavaScript framework like React, Vue, Angular and CSS framework like Bootstrap. Leveraging features like client API, Document Object Model interface and responsive on devices.
  • Design and develop workflows to automate business processes using Windows Workflow Foundation, Microsoft Power Platform and Forms as hosted app.
  • Provide technical support to team, help in debugging issues and Manage code deployments across environments.
  • Review and refactor code for quality assurance.
  • Deep dive source code for bug fixing and resolve issues in the applications.
  • Implement and manage version control of the source code using source control management tools like Git.
  • Design and implement application architecture that is highly available with redundancy and disaster recovery.
  • Design and document technical specifications, application architecture, data flow and wireframe diagrams for application owners.
  • Prioritize feature releases and manage delivery pipelines for production deployments.
  • Use Agile methodology for software development and plan iterations, create sprints and contribute to Scrum meetings.
  • Develop configuration and automation scripts using cross platform framework PowerShell to manage environments, perform cloud migrations and application management.
  • Develop Azure AI-based automation for AIOps, critical data updates and report generation.
  • Develop background jobs for managing application performance.
  • Work with stakeholders in identifying requirements, creating information architecture and facilitate time estimation.
  • Conduct hardware and software analysis based on business requirements and enhancements.
  • Perform gap analysis in applications and apply corrective measures.
  • Identify technical risks and plan for contingency.

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