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We thoroughly understand healthcare regulations (HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 21, GDPR, and SOC2), compliance mandates for data privacy and security, and interoperability standards such as FHIR, HL7, and Blue Button 2.0. We don’t let the compliance and technology complexities blind us to the users’ experience of your products and applications. We cover that ground well.

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IT Solutions for Every Player in the Healthcare Value Chain.

Technology Providers

Technology Providers

  • Healthcare Software Product companies
  • Health and Wellness Companies
  • Digital Health Startups


  • Health Insurers
  • Managed Care Organizations
  • High-Deductible Health Plans
  • Pharmacy Benefit Managers
  • The Government
  • Philanthropic Organizations


  • Hospitals
  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Healthcare Research Organizations
  • Physicians and Clinical Services
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Nursing Care Facilities
  • Dental Services


  • Biotechnology Companies 
  • Pharmaceutical Companies 
  • MedTech Companies
  • Clinical Research Organizations


IT Services and Solutions Transforming Healthcare

Digital Transformation

Keeping up with the rapid pace of digital transformation in healthcare can get overwhelming. We can help.

Cloud Technology

An acute shortage of skilled people to transition to multi-cloud infrastructure – be it AWS or Google Cloud Platform.

Product Engineering

Bring your healthcare product innovations to market faster. Product engineering for a variety of digital health interventions.

Web & Mobile Apps Development

Solve the health system challenges with digital applications that are easy to use, manage, secure, and are HIPAA-compliant.

Testing & QA Services

A suite of testing solutions to ensure reliable, quality, and robustly performing business-critical applications.

Support & Maintenance

Mitigate maintenance issues proactively. Move beyond bug fixes and align your systems and IT with business goals.

Managed Services

Remove variability in your costs and deliver on constantly improving KPIs and SLAs. Save application maintenance costs that constitute nearly 90% of tech-related costs.


Praise For Our Work


“Boston Technology Corporation was truly a part of our team and had an interest in our development. We’ve always been able to trust and count on their team. They’ve been professional, eager, and willing to help us, particularly compared to the second company we used.”

Ellen Matloff, Founder, My Gene Counsel, LLC.

A Humble Beginning

Similar to rapidly growing companies, BTC, too, had its humble origins.

Experienced technologists and domain experts joined hands to provide future-ready solutions.


  • Winner of the Prestigious Federal Labs IMPACT Award 2020.
  • Mobile App Daily’s Top Healthcare Application Development Company 2020.
  • Clutch Top Healthcare Web Application Development Company in Boston 2020.

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At BTC, your work will improve the lives of thousands of patients, their caregivers, and physicians every day. Your days would be filled with building innovative digital applications and platforms.


Case Studies

Read Our Latest Healthcare Technology Solutions

‘Heroes Health’ mental health app for frontline healthcare workers for UNC Health

Used by thousands of healthcare workers, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the app has made its mark for use now and for the future.

Web app and automation for Evoqua Water Technologies

Significant efficiencies achieved by customer engineers in solution design and estimation process globally. Sales metrics impacted positively.

Intelligent Transport Platform for Acuity Link (Central Logic)

The digital platform transformed patient transportation for healthcare systems and transport providers. New revenue source created for health systems.


Read Our Insights on HealthTech

Interoperability in Healthcare

Interoperability in healthcare refers to the ability of various health IT systems and software to exchange and use information. 

Google Cloud Healthcare API and Healthcare Data Engine

Healthcare and life sciences organizations are increasingly moving to the cloud to store data and extract insights.

A Complete Guide to HIPAA and SOC2 Compliance in Healthcare

The healthcare industry deals with large data assets, including sensitive patient health information (PHI) and personal data.