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At BTC, every day, your work will improve the lives of thousands of patients, their caregivers, and physicians. Your days would be filled with building innovative digital applications and platforms such as the ‘FDA MyStudies platform’ we built for the FDA along with Google Cloud or an innovative digital application for securely accessing medical records using Blue Button 2.0. API.

When you join BTC, you will not only be joining one of the best Healthcare Software and IT Services company in the US, you would also be joining a tribe of talented people. People who are committed to making Healthcare easier and accessible for everyone.

We are committed to providing you the best work environment, tools, and projects so that you remain unstoppable. Just the way we have focused ourselves on the Healthcare sector, we are focused on making sure that our employees get to work on the most challenging and fast-paced projects. Every day at BTC would be filled with a sense of deep learning, progress, and achievement.

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Our values

Our employees are at the heart of our existence. We cherish their career growth and well-being. We achieve this by letting our values decide our hiring and drive our work. We remain focused on the Healthcare sector and aim to be the best enabler of digital transformation in healthcare. We remain flexible and move faster to respond to our client's needs. In our projects, we go beyond delivering mere functionalities and strive to provide a total solution. Every day, we work to become better than yesterday — by learning more, delivering more — with you, together.


Don't expect anything shallow. Instead, what we offer is what you will truly benefit from. Apart from the standard benefits such as medical insurance, we reward our employees generously with tangible benefits on achievements such as successful project deliveries and getting certified in relevant technologies. All our benefits will make you feel comfortable, give you a sense of achievement to unleash your best work at BTC.

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Employee testimonials

Have been working at BTC for more than three years now. Thanks to the managers, employees are empowered to deliver their best work. For me, BTC offers the gold standard work opportunities.

- Roopesh B R, Business Analyst.

BTC has given me ample opportunities to learn new technical skills and utilize my abilities to the fullest.

- Vignesh J, Team Lead - Java.

BTC provides a bunch of opportunities to those who have the drive for it. My three years with BTC have been full of learning experiences that came with such opportunities.

- Vinuth Kumar M, Sr. Software Engineer.

BTC gave me an opportunity to grow from a Software Engineer to a Mobile Team Lead. My tenure with BTC has enabled me with the requisite technical and leadership skills to lead a diverse team.

- Rohith R Nair, Team Lead - Mobile.

BTC recognizes hard work and dedication and is a remarkable company to work for. At the end of the day, we know that we are making a difference with our work.

- Sachin R Savanur, Team Lead - Quality Assurance.

Working at BTC has given me exposure to multiple domains in the US Healthcare sector, allowing me to work on a variety of projects. This has expanded my knowledge and skills.

- Rajeev, Sr Business Analyst.

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Recruitment and onboarding

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Recruitment and onboarding

The best candidates deserve to have work opportunities offering great learning and an equally committed peer group. This belief has prompted us to hire candidates prudently to ensure the best match and a high chance of a successful tenure with us.

Depending on the role you apply for, our hiring process would include four to five rounds of interviews and an assignment or two. On average, we take 25 to 30 days to complete the hiring for a position. Under certain circumstances – such as the role, quantum of hiring, etc. time to hire may go beyond a month. Nevertheless, candidates get an ample opportunity to know us better.

Our onboarding process ensures that a new joiner feels comfortable in knowing the company, peers, managers and the work itself. Depending on the situation, typically we would conduct an induction session – virtually or offline, followed by hand-holding you for next two weeks. You will get assimilated in no-time.

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