Unleash the possibilities of
digital transformation

  • Develop and modernize digital healthcare applications.
  • Enable safe and secure data interoperability.
  • Unearth insights from analytics.
  • Enable virtual care and virtual patient engagement.

HIPAA-compliant healthcare application development

Solve your health system challenges with digital applications that are easy to use,
manage, secure, and compliant.

  • Work with our technology and domain experts to scope out your requirements in detail.
  • Determine the best path—build cloud-based or cloud-native applications.
  • Build business and patient-centered applications with intuitive UX and clean UI.
  • Ensure HIPAA, FISMA, and ’21 CFR Part 11′ compliance.
  • Build web, mobile, and Apple Watch apps integrating data from Google Fit and similar external systems.

Build cloud-native healthcare-applications

Move quickly. Bring a new idea to life within days instead of months. Our teams adopt fundamental architectural principles to build your next cloud-native application.


Encapsulate applications with their dependencies. Easy to test, move, and deploy.

Dynamic management

Flexibly provision cloud-based servers.


Design applications as a collection of small, decoupled component services. Increase the velocity of a team that can develop in parallel.


Replace manual updating and maintenance of applications with reliable and seamless automation.


Use Kubernetes to control and automate the availability, provisioning and deployment, load balancing, and container scaling.

Healthcare application modernization

Start with application rationalization and business service orientation to assess your IT needs. BTC will work with you for this data-driven baseline assessment and rapidly move you towards modernizing your applications and platforms.

  • file

    Assess your current applications portfolio

  • cloud-storage

    Develop your cloud architecture and application modernization roadmap

  • modernization-process

    Establish a modernization process offering the maximum ROI

  • maintenance

    Ensure efficient maintenance for the long term


Legacy application modernization with
Google Cloud

BTC has partnered with Google Cloud to deliver application
modernization solutions. Achieve faster innovation and lower your costs.

Hybrid and multi-cloud application

Build or modernize applications anywhere—simply, flexibly, and securely. Get consistent development and operations experience.

Cloud-native application

Get security, reliability, and compliance in your application development.

Fully managed serverless

Abstracts away all infrastructure management. Increase your speed to market with instantaneous automatic scaling.


Increase the speed of your software delivery, with stability and security built from the start. Tech teams at BTC have completely adopted cultural shifts to drive ROI from DevOps.

Appliation migration

Migrate traditional apps away from virtual machines (VMs) into native containers. Increase the deployment speed and quickly realize the benefits of migration.

Mainframe modernization

Use automated code refactoring to modernize your mainframe applications safely and quickly into containers in Kubernetes. Avoid capital spends on mainframe refresh.


Google Cloud services for digital health solutions

Google Cloud offers a variety of products to meet the complex needs of the Healthcare
sector. Work with BTC to make the most of these connected Google Cloud products
to solve your healthcare challenges.

Healthcare data interoperability | Cloud Healthcare API

Get a unified view of FHIR, HL7v2, and DICOM data. Cloud Healthcare API allows easy and standardized data exchange between healthcare applications and solutions built on Google Cloud. BTC has built clinical and analytical solutions on fully managed, scalable development environment offered by Google Cloud.

Healthcare analytics and insights | Cloud Healthcare API, AI Platform

Use Google Cloud Healthcare API to combine clinical and operational data from legacy systems and get a comparable view of data from different studies (data harmonization). Get insights by running data science and machine learning using Google Cloud’s AI Platform.

Healthcare operational dashboards | Looker, BigQuery

BigQuery is Google Cloud's serverless, multi-cloud data warehouse, and Looker is the analytics and business intelligence platform. Work with BTC to visualize your population health data or augment your healthcare operations with visual and intelligent dashboards.

Modernize patient-facing applications | App Engine, BigQuery, Cloud Healthcare API

Modernize and use patient-facing applications for clinical and research studies. Build fully scalable, modern healthcare applications on App Engine-the serverless platform. Store data securely and cost-effectively with BigQuery. Integrate and enable data exchange among multiple applications, including legacy applications with API-extended capabilities using Cloud Healthcare API.

Digital health platform | Apigee API Management, BigQuery, Google Kubernetes Engine

Build a robust, scalable, and intelligent digital health platform for your organization. Run containerized digital-native applications using Kubernetes. Use multiple Google Cloud products such as Apigee API Management to manage APIs and secure cloud storage using BigQuery. Integrate data from drugs, devices, software applications and make data-driven decisions to improve patient care and patient engagement.

Implement DevOps in Google Cloud

Increase your software delivery speed, with shared ownership, stability, and security built from the start. Implement DevOps in Google Cloud to build agile, resilient, and scalable healthcare applications.

  • automation

    Build Automation

    Using 'Cloud Build' - Google Cloud's serverless CI/CD platform, build Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. Automate repetitive testing, tracking iterations, and deployment into production.

  • application

    Reduce Application Failures

    Create multiple tests which every deployment has to pass. Record and automatically analyze errors. Reduce time fixing bugs before deploying changes to production. Use Google Cloud's 'Cloud Monitoring' to get performance and health issues in your healthcare applications.

  • recovery

    Ensure Disaster Recovery

    Make use of the ability to roll back to stable versions. Change or remove loosely-coupled microservices from the cloud architecture with fewer system crashes and downtimes.

Cloud migration for healthcare organizations

Deciding on your cloud migration could be daunting. Work with BTC to systematically move your on-premise applications OR move your workload from one cloud to another.

Work with BTC for your data migration, application migration, and modernization requirements. Fully and efficiently leverage the benefits of cloud—reduced cost and increased security, flexibility, and speed.

  • Define your starting point

    Is it on-premise infrastructure and apps, a private hosting environment or another cloud?

  • Define types of workload to migrate

    Legacy workloads or cloud-native workloads.

  • Pick up the type of migration best suited for you

    • Lift and shift –move workloads from a source to target environment with minor or no modifications

    • Improve and move – modernize the workload while migrating (refactoring).

    • RIP and replace –decommission an existing app and complete design a cloud-native app.

  • Asses your readiness for cloud

    Determined by learning programs, leadership support, experience to scale cloud-native services and the capacity to protect your environment.

  • Define the migration path

    Assess, plan, deploy and optimize–each phase requiring a detailed set of exercises to complete before moving on the next one.


Healthcare data security and compliance
with Google Cloud

With required safeguards built-in, Google Cloud offers secure-by-design infrastructure and comprehensive identity management. The platform provides businesses the capability to identify threats to the network's security and respond to those threats.

  • Safely transfer on-premise data to the cloud in compliance with PHIPA, with support for identification.
  • Encrypt data at rest by default reducing vulnerability to data breaches.
  • Protect electronic health records from the public internet.

Google Cloud continues to offer a growing list of compliance offerings. The relevant ones for North America are HIPAA, HiTrust, FedRAMP, FIPS 140-2, COPPA, FERPA, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, NIST 800-34, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC Rule 17a-4(f), CFTC Rule 1.31(c)-(d), FINRA Rule 4511(c), HECVAT, DISA IL2.

Control who has access to specific data and where

  • Data encryption at rest and in transit
  • Get admin activity log
  • Access to data activity log
  • Data locality

Testing and quality assurance services

Healthcare organizations face myriad challenges meeting expectations of delivering on-time, on-budget, zero-defect, compliant applications. These challenges get compounded by constantly changing technologies and regulations.

Our certified QA experts have years of deep experience in both manual automated testing.

Work with us for an optimized UX for your healthcare applications

  • Mitigate your technical and business risks
  • Reduce your time-to-market
  • Improve the software quality
  • Prevent high-severity defects.

Support and maintenance services

It is a natural addition to our healthcare application and product development expertise. BTC has been successfully delivering support and maintenance under a variety of challenging scenarios.

Get L3 and L4 levels of support and maintenance

  • Healthcare applications with complex algorithms and multiple external system integrations
  • Applications and products lacking any prior documentation or clarity on user scenarios
  • Business-critical healthcare applications with zero downtime mandate
  • Fixing application and product performance issues
  • Resolving code and database level errors
  • Faster resolution of issues and ease of app upgrades
  • Maintenance, backup, and compliance reporting.
  • Adding new features and expanding application and product capabilities via API-led integrations

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