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About Multi Cloud Managed Services

Now more than ever, businesses are realizing the benefits of migrating to a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud approach. Despite these clear advantages however, this shift brings with it numerous operational challenges including agility and visibility issues as well as complex infrastructures that require specialized resources for management.

BTC’s MultiCloud Managed Services is here to help you navigate through all those difficulties in order to reap maximum benefit from your transition into the multidimensional cloud environment without sacrificing productivity and efficiency.

BTC harnesses the power of Anthos to streamline the management of containers across a multi-cloud environment, allowing for simplified configuration and increased visibility.

Our services provide the following features and benefits

Enterprise-grade container orchestration and management service using Anthos.
Automation of policy and security at scale across clouds
Fully managed service mesh with built-in visibility
Modernized Security for hybrid and multi-cloud container deployments
CI/CD Anywhere: Google Cloud, on-premises, or other clouds

Anthos and Multi-Cloud

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Anthos: The Future of Multi-Cloud Management


Managing Kubernetes Environments across Multi-cloud and Hybrid cloud using Anthos

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