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End to End Product Engineering Services

New Product Development

Realize your product vision with BTC’s product engineering services. From ideation to prototyping, we’ll take your product MVP to market.

Legacy Product

Use our product engineering consulting expertise to modernize your product by using the latest technologies and processes.

Cloud Based Product

Cloud-first product development with cloud infrastructure consulting services using cloud services like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Continuous Product

Our DevOps solutions for rapid product development reduces risk while enabling continuous integration and delivery. Product health and performance is ensured with monitoring and observability.

Product Support and

Experience seamless operation and enhanced security with our product and application support services and security testing services.

How we run our software product engineering for client success



 BTC’s product engineering consulting services are designed to make releases frequently and at short intervals to go to market quickly and iterate based on feedback

Accurate Budgeting

Accurate Budgeting

 BTC prevents cost overruns by providing accurate estimations, resource planning, risk management, and timeline adherence to deliver high-quality software engineering services within clients’ budgets

Flexible Models

Flexible Models

 By offering different engagement models, such as dedicated teams or fixed-price contracts, BTC minimizes development overheads and streamlines the collaboration process

Technology Expertise

Technology Expertise

 BTC’s software development consultants possess versatile skills and have strong partnerships with providers like Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure, enabling BTC to deliver innovative, scalable solutions



 BTC’s accelerators significantly speed up development cycles, improve code quality, and enhance the overall productivity of development teams

Automation Tools

Automation Tools

 BTC’s test automation ecosystem automates repetitive tasks and streamlines the testing process, reducing the initial setup time by an astonishing 70% and ensuring faster time-to-market for clients

Why choose us for your customized product engineering services

Clear Product
Release Timelines

MVP launch within 2-4 months

Regular feature releases every 2-4 weeks after MVP

Build-Measure-Iterate Philosophy

Release small feature sets

Measure feature success

Iterate based on measurement


Professional certified

Our Awards in Software Development


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