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AI Assessment and
Readiness Consulting 

Build your AI roadmap and implementation plan, based on a strong business case and robust data strategy, with BTC’s machine learning consultants and AI experts

AI Services

Stay ahead of the competition and integrate AI into your business workflows with BTC’s multitude of services around Conversational AI, Predictive AI, Document AI, NLP and Generative AI

ML Engineering 

Work with BTC’s machine learning consultants who will build your custom models by analyzing, preparing, and engineering data or integrate LLM models for your specific use cases.

MLOps Managed Services

Improve the efficiency and reliability of your ML operations, with BTC’s ML pipeline automation solutions. We also provide model review, monitoring, optimization, and retraining services.

Data Engineering

Build a robust data pipeline with BTC’s data engineering experts. We collect, prepare, analyze, and maintain data to build and deploy reliable machine learning models that deliver real business value. 

Stages and Timelines of
Your AI Journey


(2-3 weeks)

 BTC will help you identify the business need, pinpoint relevant AI/ML use cases, and establish a solid data strategy. This will define the roadmap for a successful AI journey


(1-2 weeks)

 BTC will identify the most valuable AI use cases with the quickest time to value, pass it through a feasibility gate, and develop a POC plan.


(2-3 months)

 BTC will assess business workflows, data, technologies and risk factors. Our machine learning consultants will define model parameters, prepare data, build the model and the POC for validation.


(2-3 months)

  BTC will put you on the path to AI adoption by making the POC production-ready, integrating real world data and deploying the model to Production.



 BTC will maintain and monitor the models in production, optimize performance, and ensure model governance. We will keep your models up-to-date and performing at their best.

Why Choose Us As Your
AI/ML Partners

Assessment Based Implementation

Tailored AI/ML roadmap based on your current state

Results driven

Validate ROI before proceeding
to the next stage

Proven Results

Successful AI ML
spanning diverse industries

HQ in MA, US

With clients across
the globe

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