Maintenance and support services for
healthcare applications and products

Focus on your core processes

Let us handle the rest

  • Drastically reduce the cost with automated and contextualized application support and maintenance services.
  • Move beyond bug fixes and align your systems and IT with business goals.
  • Deliver expected patient and user experiences and improve care delivery and healthcare research programs.

We understand your challenges in application maintenance and support

Users are raising repeated tickets with similar issues and not receiving proper resolution.

Lack of documentation leading to individual-dependent maintenance.

Lack of coordination among teams and lack of motivation to identify the use cases, testing, doing POC, documentation, and many more.

Reactive rather than predictive and preventive efforts are leading to failures in maintenance automation.

Continuously changing healthcare IT and compliance landscape, high degree of customizations, and complex operations require you to scale up maintenance as and when needed.

We have delivered support and
maintenance under challenging scenarios

  • perfective-maintenance

    We provided perfective maintenance of healthcare applications with complex algorithms and multiple system integrations

  • new-applications

    We supported applications and products that were lacking any prior documentation and clarity on user scenarios

  • business-critical

    We maintained business-critical healthcare applications with a zero downtime mandate

Engage us to mitigate maintenance issues proactively

  • Get a code-level review of applications and products.
  • Schedule performance tests to monitor application performance.
  • Monitor and optimize cloud infrastructure and cloud resource consumption.

Leverage automation in application maintenance
and support

  • Dismantle your end-to-end process into independent sections and automate high-impact use cases.
  • Detect anomaly before reported by users and achieve automated resolution.
  • Proactively monitor business and health data transfers and batch job failures.
  • Automate a variety of routine tasks. Free up your team's time to focus on innovation.
  • With maintenance automation, shorten the workflows and make your processes more efficient.

Get progressive software maintenance matching the current state of your healthcare applications

Corrective maintenance

Get user-reported bugs fixed by removing errors in the source code. These fixes typically resolve your urgent application and product maintenance requirements.

Perfective maintenance

Post-development, improve your applications' functionality to accommodate new requirements caused by user feedback or new API-driven product enhancement opportunities.

Preventive maintenance

Take measures so that your healthcare applications continue to run predictably and nullify any impact of any variables - be it changes in the operating systems or devices

Adaptive maintenance

Resolve issues affecting your application caused due to changes in some other part of the system, software dependencies, changes in hardware or business logic, and compliance-driven changes

Benefit from L3 and L4 levels of IT support for your healthcare applications

  • Fix application and product performance issues.
  • Resolve code and database level errors.
  • Add new features and expanding application and product capabilities via API-led integrations.
  • Maintain, back up, and get compliance reporting.
  • Resolve issues faster and efficiently upgrade the applications.
  • Get accountability with outcome-based SLAs.

Our support and maintenance process

  • Scope out your requirements

    We will understand your processes, high-impact use-cases, and your documentation. We have helped our clients in scenarios where documentation was not available.

  • Maintenance program proposal

    We will prepare a detailed application support and maintenance proposal with a progressive approach so that your IT team and systems don't get overwhelmed.

  • Stabilize the infrastructure

    We will scope out the requirements to stabilize the infrastructure so that application maintenance and enhancements are optimized.

  • Testing and deployment

    We will rigorously test the maintenance protocol for reliability first and then deploy it. We will improvise the maintenance efforts as required.

  • Documentation

    We will document the entire application maintenance effort for your ongoing reference.

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