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Next-Gen Managed IT Services

Solve your unique IT operations challenges by utilizing our flexible managed services.

Save application maintenance costs that constitute nearly 90% of tech-related costs.

Gain access to highly-skilled, experienced, & diversified IT experts

Reduce repetitive IT operational tasks and cut back downtime

Get virtual or on-site help desks to ensure no query goes unanswered

Attain streamlined vendor management as we serve as a SPOC

Get holistic IT management with backup and disaster recovery plan

Managed IT services bring predictability and drive results

We deploy people with matching technology expertise.

Our team of experts comes with years of experience in building & maintaining applications and cloud infrastructure.

You get complete visibility into key performance indicators (KPIs) while our team adheres to comprehensive SLAs.


Case Studies – Managed IT Services

Managed Services for the ‘Heroes Health’ by UNC Health

Heroes Health is a mobile app (Android and iOS) built on an open-source platform called ‘FDA MyStudies’ built by BTC for UNC Health on Google Cloud.

The mobile solution focused on providing support to thousands of healthcare workers in the US who were coping with stress while managing the Covid-19 pandemic. The app offers useful links for urgent support and mental health resources based on user data analysis.

BTC built this application & continues to maintain and support this application and Google Cloud platform infrastructure.

BTC provided managed IT services for Heroes health

Managed IT Services for Acuity Link’s Intelligent (Medical) Transport Platform

The ‘Intelligent Transport‘ is a comprehensive communications and logistics management platform that links healthcare systems with non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) providers.

The platform consists of three web applications and two mobile applications (each on iOS and Android). The platform is integrated with Lyft, transfer centers, and other legacy applications such as CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) systems that transport providers are using. With real-time monitoring and communication, the platform helps save valuable time and costs for everyone.

BTC built this entire platform and has undertaken the maintenance and support of these applications and AWS infrastructure under Managed Services model

BTC provided managed IT services to Acuity Link's Intelligent (Medical) Transport Platform Now acquired by Central Logic

Managed Services for SafeDose® Application Suit on AWS

SafeDose used BTC’s Managed Services to maintain and support their web-based and mobile-enabled clinical support applications, along with maintenance of associated AWS cloud infrastructure.

Our team of IT experts have successfully implemented several external integrations, including G-Suite, EHR, and CRM systems for the application. SafeDose standardizes and simplifies the complex drug administration process and helps clinicians avoid mistakes.

BTC provided healthcare IT managed services for SafeDose company

BTC is an end-to-end application and cloud infrastructure managed services provider.

Our team of technical experts support full technology stack on mobile, web, cloud (GCP and AWS), IoT, EHR, Interoperability, CMS, rules engine products, data analytics, AI, ML, and integration with enterprise applications SaaS solutions, and more. Here is why you should choose BTC’s managed IT services.

BTC Advantage

Continuous quality and performance improvements with automation and agile processes

Get minor application enhancements to meet impromptu business needs without adding costs

Move towards a business outcome-based model aligned with business objectives

Value Addition

With BTC’s managed service, free up your IT team to focus on strategic initiatives and build future-ready applications, and products

Get access to expert advice and technical support with exceptional customer service 24*7

Resolve application issues with assistance from cross-trained experts who can adapt to changing business requirements

BTC’s Managed IT Services for Applications and Cloud Infrastructure

Application Maintenance and Support

Ensure that your applications are highly reliable, accessible, and relevant to business needs.

  • Bug fixes and routine maintenance
  • Enhancements/changes requests
  • Full 24/7 support
  • SLAs driven delivery

Application Value Management

Improve application performance and get new feature ideas.

  • Continuous quality improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Automation
  • New idea generation

Quality Assurance and Testing

Our certified QA experts have deep experience in both manual and automated testing.

  • Integration and regression testing
  • Testing automation
  • Security and compliance testing

Release Management

Leverage CI/CD pipelines to ensure effective release management.

  • DevOps + Security
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI / CD)

Cloud Infrastructure (GCP, AWS)

Offer scalability, security, and speed to your stakeholders.

  • Backup, Storage
  • Patch management and version upgrade
  • Compliance and security management
  • Monitoring and notification
  • Provisioning and orchestration
  • Governance
  • Application performance management


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