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Secure your solutions with BTC's comprehensive Testing Services.

  • Develop robust, zero-defect, applications and products.
  • Eliminate human error with multiple iterations of testing.
  • Save costs with a reduction in overall testing infrastructure and efforts.
  • Match your digital transformation initiatives by improving testing efficiency.
  • Optimize development timelines with BTC’s reusable test cases and automation proficiency, ensuring efficiency and accelerated progress.

We understand your challenges with inadequate testing and quality assurance services

Higher development costs and disengaged users due to missed release dates

The burden on customer service due to application bugs

Poor user experience because of slower load times and glitches

Personal data breaches due to security loopholes in the code

Disapprovals from regulators due to lack of compliance.

Delayed and frustrating search to find experienced software testers

BTC's comprehensive Quality Engineering and Testing services

Agile managed testing services

  • Set up agile test environments
  • Achieve parallel development and testing
  • Scalable testing delivery
  • Combine consulting on testing and testing services

DevOps QA

  • Embrace continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous delivery.
  • Ensure successful deployment of code, performance at peak load, and reduced susceptibility.
  • Bind your business, development, QA, and operations team together.
  • Build higher quality applications, achieve improved customer experience, and faster time to market.

Digital QA and testing

  • Meet the higher demands on QA and testing triggered by rapid digital transformation.
  • Test end-to-end exchange of data and performance of services across local platforms, public and private clouds.
  • Ensure security and consistency in products' and applications' performance across multiple interfaces - mobile, web, and wearable devices.

Test automation solutions

  • Power Agile and DevOps way of application development with end-to-end test automation.
  • Meet the demands of the increased pace of release cycles and shorter go-to-market timeframes.
  • Response to performance and compliance issues with real-time monitoring dashboards.

  • A glimpse into test automation services offered by BTC for various platforms
  • Assessment of test automation requirements and ROI estimations
  • Evaluations and recommendations on test assessment tools
  • Test automation implementation, scripting, and execution.
  • Automated Regression testing

Healthcare application testing services

Eliminate the risk of application failure, and ensure that your healthcare
operations or research studies continue to meet stakeholders'
expectations - be it patients or the healthcare workers.

Compliance testing for HIPAA, FISMA, and '21 CFR Part 11.'

Get testing services for payers, providers, and
pharmaceutical companies:

  • Healthcare information exchange
  • Claims management systems
  • Care management systems
  • Administration systems
  • Population health management
  • Research and clinical trials solutions
  • Telehealth & Telemedicine
  • EMR & EHR

Application testing on multiple platforms with testing
automation tools

  • Standardized QA practices and
    proprietary testing frameworks
  • Certified QA experts with years of deep
    experience in both manual and
    automated testing
  • Test automation suite using tools such as
    Selenium - Java, .Net, and Python.
  • Testers experienced in API testing and
    continuous integration tools such as Jenkins.
  • Testing on mobile platforms such as iOS,
    Android, and Windows.
  • Testing on cloud platforms such as
    Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

Our dedicated testing CoE offers a broad spectrum of
testing and QA services:

  • Functional testing
  • Usability testing
  • Automation testing
  • Performance testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Cloud testing
  • Database testing
  • Deployment testing
  • API testing

Why choose BTC

Having delivered hundreds of applications and products, BTC has the
niche expertise to provide testing and quality assurance services.

Dedicated QA competancy

As a premier provider of professional testing services, our robust and scalable QA expertise is well-recognized. From comprehensive testing to tailored solutions, we adapt seamlessly to meet the diverse needs of our clients

Continuous investment in testing capabilities

We make a significant investment in our people and the technologies they use to develop advanced thinking and capabilities in software testing and QA services.

Collaborations with the leading technology companies

We collaborate with leading technology suppliers, including AWS, Google Cloud, Apple, HP, IBM, Microsoft, and leading automation technology providers such as UiPath and Automation Anywhere. Their suite of testing solutions helps us deliver the best testing capabilities to our clients.

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