Software development managers face a myriad set of challenges as they strive to meet “on time-on budget and zero defect” application delivery for their customers.


  • Missed release dates cause frustration for users,
  • Application bugs can cause a burden on customer service,
  • Slower load times and product glitches impede user experience, and
  • Security loopholes in code can make -applications vulnerable to hacking and stealing of sensitive information.


When it comes to healthcare applications, ensuring that compliance requirements are met is strategically imperative. With the rapidly changing technology and compliance landscape, finding the right talent to meet Quality Assurance and testing requirements can be a difficult task. Boston Technology Corporation can help.


Boston Technology Corporation has over 14 years of experience developing, testing, and supporting HIPAA, FISMA, and 21 CFR Part 11-compliant web and mobile applications as well as building complex integrations. We have built dozens of testing frameworks and test cases.


The use of these artifacts, along with the deep expertise of our teams and flexible delivery models, enables us to meet your application testing requirements rapidly, effectively, and more cost-efficiently.


Boston Technology Corporation can help you with:

  • Functional Testing  
  • Mobile Testing
  • Automation
  • Compliance Testing for HIPAA, FISMA and 21 CFR Part 11
  • Performance Testing 
  • Security Testing 

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