Posted by:Suparna Rao November 26th, 2013

We have all done that! Stood around the water cooler discussing topics big & small.

Cut to today – We still do that. The only difference is we get to participate even when we are away from the water cooler, be it yards or miles.

The mobile has led to a sea change in the way we communicate. In many ways, we, as a race, have never been more connected. We not only talk; we like, we tweet, we follow and for good measure, we retweet.

This explosion in social conversation is not limited to our lives outside work. Enterprise mobile apps have us talking and listening at work too – emails, instant messaging, wikis, blogs, video conferences along with the staples of social media; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest , Google + and more.

Which begs the question, are we aware of the value of these “work” conversations? And next, are we leveraging it?

Hint: The answer should be yes and yes.

If it was not, read on to learn how valuable enterprise social apps can be –

1)    They help us understand clients:

Social platforms help create a social profile that is very close to the real picture. The big payoff – a deeper insight into their needs and requirements.

2)    They help us engage with them:

Whether we are in sales, marketing or development, social networks can help us familiarize clients with our brand and interact with them. The big payoff – they can help us track leads and deals, and even close sales.

3)    They help establish transparent communication and ownership:

When everyone from the team is on the same page, it helps create accountability and better workflows. The big payoff – eliminate email loops and redundancies.

Get this; this kind of collaboration has helped Salesforce reduce emails by 30% and meetings by 27%.

4)    They foster knowledge management and learning:

Mobile app development in an enterprise setting can be used to create enterprise social apps. These mobile apps use adaptive and social intelligence to recommend articles, videos, and other content to users based on their interests and connections. The big payoff – we know more and are that much more equipped

5)    They increase team dynamics:

Social enterprise applications contribute highly to team bonding, organizational commitment, alignment with business goals, recognition and appreciation, and a sense of belonging. The big payoff – you will not dread Monday mornings.

There you have it – a whole new twist to your everyday conversations!

So, eager to learn why your business MUST take notice of Mobility ? Or want to decide which app is a right fit for your business? Download your choice !

So, eager to learn more about Mobility ? Deep dive into your topic of interest !

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