Posted by:Ranjani Rao June 15th, 2016

As Apple unveiled iOS10 at WWDC, Tim Cook called it the ‘mother of all updates’. Siri definitely took the spotlight along with a host of other announcements. Most notable was the fact that more access was being given to third-party developers. From keyboards and widgets, third-party developers now have access to applications like Siri and Messages. Other iOS10 highlights include -…

1) Raise to wake

Instead of having to press the home button to see notification, iOS10 now uses the phone’s accelerometer to respond by lighting up the home screen as soon as it senses a raising movement. The lock screen will show the latest notifications.

2) iMessage

Message will now have rich links inline, making it simpler to play videos and songs without having to switch to another app. iOS10 also has a new feature where you can type a sentence and when the emoji keyboard is selected, the Message app will highlight the words that can be replaced by an emoji. Messages can also be written in invisible ink that the receiver will have to swipe to read. It is also possible to send drawings and heartbeats like with the Apple watch. Sweet !

Also, there is third-party integrations within iMessage making it easier to send money, order food and more.

3) Apple Music

Apple Music has a new design language that makes it simpler to navigate, search and discover new music. Unlike before, the app will open on the library. This simple interface makes it more intuitive. With hints of Spotify, this update also allows for lyrics to be accessed when playing songs.

4) Voicemail Transcripts

iOS10 has a feature that automatically transcribes a voicemail. It also makes it easier to answer calls from VOIP apps like Skype right from the lock screen.

5) Apple Maps

With a much cleaner design, Maps is also now open to third party developers. As per an example used in the conference, its easier to make reservations for lunch or dinner through a third party app and use Maps to locate the location by calling it. It can also be used to order a cab. Maps also has gas station listings.

6) Siri

The big news was that Siri is now open to third party developers. Also, Siri is now on MacOS. With Siri available on every Apple product, it easier for users to seamlessly switch between Mac desktops, laptops, Apple Watch, Apple TV and of course, the iPhone and iPad.


7) Widgets

iOS 10 brings in the convenience of widgets, that allows users to interact with the app right from the lock screen without having to actually open the app itself.

8) Apple Pay

Apple Pay has been used to make payments easy in participating stores and apps. But, with iOS 10, Apple Pay can also be used to make secure and hassle-free payments on participating websites using Safari. This will be a welcome step for all retailers as they now have an additional opportunity to convert all website visitors (instead of the app) into actual paying customers.

9) Apple Home

There is now an new Home app that has been built on Apple’s HomeKit. With this, it easier to manage all connected devices in the house. With the new app, users can access all their smart home devices from the Control Center, even on a lock screen.

There is also an element of AI with Siri that can make more contextual suggestions and with Photos that can detect faces and objects and group together relevant photos. For more details, check out !

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