Posted by:Richard Smith April 18th, 2014

There are 1000s of mobile apps to help people with healthcare a fitness. There are 100s if not 1000s of devices that can monitor the human body and transmit vitals and activity data to a smartphone app. Not much of this data is reaching healthcare providers to help them manage the treatment of patients, but there are many healthcare organizations at work taking on the challenge of integrating mHealth apps into their clinical workflow.

Picture the future when millions of patients are connected by mHealth apps to their health care providers and their Electronic Medical Records systems.

Take a chronic condition like arthritis. Eventually millions of patients will generate huge amounts of data relating treatment regimen to patient behavior, vitals and outcome. How many ways will there really be to manage arthritis successfully? How easy or difficult will it be to replicate and deliver treatments and manage them? How will one health care organization differentiate their treatments from others?


Definition of COMMODITIZE

1:  commodifyspecifically :  to render (a good or service) widely available and interchangeable with one provided by another company

2:  to affect (as a brand or a market) by commoditizing goods or services commoditize prices>

Seems like healthcare is headed that way. What do you think? Share your thoughts …

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