Posted by:Richard Smith May 23rd, 2014

Living in the Boston area pretty much forever, I have been a regular consumer of news from the Boston Globe and affiliated companies. They created and recently released a mobile app which I installed on my Samsung S4.

I have never, ever seen such a piece of junk. Extremely disappointing. Why? They clearly did not test the mobile appbefore they deployed it.

There are too many screw ups to describe, but I’ll do the major one for the sake of brevity.

On the first page of the app there are about 20 tiles to choose from to dive into the topic of choice such as news, weather, entertainment, sports, Red Sox, etc. Being a New England Patriots fan, I jump into that tile and right away I get an item that I am interested in…

As a Patriots fan that is very interesting that they would pay some rookie $20K for four days. What is this all about? I tap on the graphic and what do I see next?


WOW. You have to be kidding. Do they not test this before they deploy? I poke around and I get similar errors in other areas. That is not the worst of it. Theses errors have continued since I downloaded the app almost two weeks ago.

How can you not test this stuff? I have not seen anything this bad, ever.

OK, you don’t test it thoroughly (at all?). But after you deploy it, you still have these errors after two weeks??

I am no expert on testing, not even a novice, but ‘testing’ can’t spot this before deployment? Normally, most companies have 3 levels of testing when they develop an app. They test features as they develop. They test the app themselves before they release it to the client. Then they have the client test it before they accept it.

The NY Times bought the Boston Globe for over $1 billion and ended up selling to Red Sox owner John Henry for a paltry $70 million. Maybe they are cutting some corners.

I stil don’t know why the Patriots paid that guy $20K for 4 days. Probably they made some mistake in scouting him and cut him to cut their losses after 4 days. Maybe.

What has your experience been with this app ? Share them below

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