Posted by:Suparna Rao December 5th, 2013

With hybrid and web apps gaining in popularity in enterprise mobile apps and consumer spaces, reports of native app doom are pouring in. But personally, I think that won’t happen. Sure, native apps, in comparison, might be more expensive, but they deliver. They may not be needed everywhere, they may over-qualify for some requirements, but where they fit, they’re irreplaceable.

What native apps have that hybrid and mobile web don’t

Though mobile web apps and hybrid apps have enough horsepower to address various enterprise needs, there are some scenarios where only native apps can create the magic. That’s because native apps are ahead on various counts.


Performance: Native app development results in the best performance (loading, rendering and processing) versus mobile and hybrid, especially where advanced graphics and high response time are involved. That’s the reason Facebook ditched its hybrid brainchild for a native iOS app.

Device feature integration: Though hybrid apps offer device API integration, the list is incomplete. If your app uses device features heavily, native is the way to go for optimum performance, robustness and reliability.

Security: Though mobile hybrid apps offer better security features versus mobile web apps, they fall behind native apps. Native offers deeper, granular security implementations for enterprise solutions.

User experience: All the above combine to form a mobile app design that delivers a smoother and richer user experience that’s noticeable.

Sophisticated tools: Apart from the native SDK, mature tools are available to native app developers to ideate, build prototypes, develop code and enrich the UI/UX of the native app.

Developer monetization: According to a Canalys report, native app developers earned $2.2 billion in Q1 2013.

Clearly, there are many reasons for native apps to thrive in the current market.

In conclusion, I’d say that the mobile app market will be mixed, and that’s a good thing. But to say that native apps will die. Dead wrong.

Any thoughts?

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