Posted by:Leesa John December 9th, 2013

Do you have a liberal Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy? Intel certainly has. What’s  more, Intel employees can happily download over 80 apps from Intel’s own Enterprise App Store (EAS). SAP, apparently, offers inhouse and external apps on its EAS. What is the advantage of this, you ask? Why not just download apps from Google’s or Apple’ App Stores and be done with it? Here’s why.

Own Candy Store, Safe Candy?

Mobile devices are used, extensively, in many business and enterprise establishments. Employees do need access to various business apps for their work (and some other not-so-very-business-like apps too!). The increasingly prevalent BYOD policy has given rise to an informal Bring Your Own Apps (BYOA) attitude.

What do enterprises do to regulate the use of mobile apps in such a scenario?

Two possible solutions:

  • Build your own apps (if you have an inhouse mobile app developers)
  • Build an inhouse EAS and offer secure third-party apps


EAS And The Enterprise Sector

Ok, so BYOD took the control away from IT departments; no more secure, company-issued blackberries. There are many CIOs still crying over this. Then along came the BYOA phenomenon. What now? Time for enterprises to take back some control. Security was the concern with BYOD and security is the concern with BYOA. Out came the solution basket:

Manage and distribute only enterprise-approved mobile apps to employees Ensure employees don’t download apps that’ll jeopardize the business Reduce the number of app licenses – save money Enable need-based access to apps – control at a granular level Encourage mobile app development team to create custom apps

It sort of makes a great deal of sense, having one’s own EAS. Doesn’t it? What do you think is a reasonable number of apps for a business to go for an app store? Leave your answers in the comment box below.

So, eager to learn why your business MUST take notice of Mobility ? Or want to decide which app is a right fit for your business? Download your choice !

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