Posted by:Ranjani Rao January 5th, 2012

One shoe does not fit all. That’s the underlying principle behind custom application development. In business scenarios where time is money, why should any business waste time molding its requirements to generic apps when it could have apps molded to its own work processes, functions and policies? Not that off-the-shelf apps don’t have their uses but for typical business solutions, the optimal path is customized applications. Many years back, only large enterprises went in for custom apps in the popular Java and .NETplatforms; chiefly because of the high cost of development, infrastructure involved, and resource load. Over the past few years however, with the growth in outsourcing services and falling price of technology, customization of apps has become far cheaper and therefore, well within the reach of small and medium sized businesses too. Custom application developmentorganizations (offering onshore and offshore services) have come up like mushrooms in the rain across IT hubs.

Information Technology has become an inherent part of all business processes – HR, Payroll, CRM, ERP, desktop functions, Logistics, you name it. If it has to be efficient and consistent, IT has to be part of the works. This is true for enterprises of all sizes, across industries. With customized applications, you have control over what you bring up before the end users at your own end and what you want customers to see, and how. End users may simply be provided an online copy of what they have always worked with on print. Familiarity cuts the learning curve that much shorter. At the backend, customized software crunches data; converting it into knowledge as per your business processes, making requisite checks, and throwing out results in a format that makes sense to the decision makers.


Custom applications bring huge time and cost savings to businesses. And who can say No to that? With a development team working with you from grassroots, the design, development, and execution of software revolves only around your specific business needs, not just present but also future. Rapid and agile development strategies ensure faster turnaround in case of changes and further additions. After sale service and product support are important parts of the package with most custom app development services.

An enterprise may distinguish itself from peers via an internal policy, a business process or perhaps a customer relationship strategy that does not figure in any commercial application. A customized app is the only solution here. You can incorporate every quality check you want, security, process and business logic with all the nuts and bolts that combine to differentiate your business from competition.

With the right kind of custom application development partner, you will see higher ROI and faster time-to-market. A service with experienced professionals on board, expertise in latest technologies and methodologies, well defined processes, strong infrastructure, world class quality assurance and disaster management capabilities, quality customer engagement policies, and a good track record should be your choice.

With IT gradually moving towards cloud computing, the need for customized apps on private clouds will remain strong, especially for the much used Java and .NET application platforms. But that topic deserves its own space.

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