Posted by:Ranjani Rao April 15th, 2015

A Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) with an initial cost of investment may seem to be too high when an enterprise is starting off with just an app or two. But this is just the first step into mobility. To be competitive, enterprises have to look at going mobile across all their offerings – be it applications for their customers, their sales force, their field force or their employees. This only means that the number of apps in an enterprise’s portfolio is going to grow and also change.

The window for the growth and the change is going to be small without the luxury of time. The focus will be on getting apps out quickly and efficiently. Building one off apps (also known as point-to-point solutions) means that common features security, versioning, integration, device management, analytics etc. like have to be replicated for each app driving up the cost of app development and also time to market.

Enter MEAP platforms provide features that can be leveraged across the enterprise’s app portfolio.

  • End to End approach – from building to deployment to management
  • SDKs that provide multi-platform and multi-device support
  • Common security layer
  • Central app and device management
  • Multiple backend integration options
  • App monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Analytics

The TCO (total cost of ownership) starts going down as more apps are built when using an MEAP. Based on industry studies, TCO for a MEAP becomes comparable to the TCO for a point-to-point solution for organizations looking for over three mobile applications or above 150 users. After this point the TCO for MEAP goes down resulting in more savings with higher number of apps and users.Gartner’s Rule of Three refers to a concept states that companies will benefit from a MEAP approach to mobility when they need to:

  1. Support three or more mobile applications
  2. Support three or more mobile operating systems (OS)
  3. Integrate with at least three back-end data sources

In conclusion, a point-to-point solution is cost-effective and quick for small, single mobile application deployment – typically the case in smaller organizations.For enterprises building multiple apps, supporting multiple devices and needing to scale up rapidly, MEAP is the right approach.

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