Posted by:Richard Smith October 13th, 2014

Widgets are not new for Android users. But the only widgets familiar for Apple fans are clock, weather and music. Statistics say that only 10% of Apple users use widgets.

With iOS8, Apple lets third party mobile apps to add widgets to the notification center. Any alert or notification will thus be accessible on any screen with a simple pull down action. So the users need not go to the specific app to check for updates and notifications.

Let’s look at a couple of examples on how iOS8 widgets are going to be helpful for enterprise customers.

In most of the organizations, sales and marketing people are the ones who are always on the move and who would benefit from real time information and alerts. So in the case of mobile apps used for marketing activities, the corresponding widgets will alert the marketer if any of his leads have opened a document or read an email. Or for that matter, a sales person will get an alert if one of his prospects signs a document or make changes to a quotation.

Tell me which CFP or a wealth manager wouldn’t love to have real time stock alerts or an investor who wouldn’t like real time performance reports of his portfolio? The ability to access information from the notification center even on a locked screen is immensely going to help them save time and make faster decisions.

Widgets associated with mobile apps for medical devices and wearables will be of huge potential for the healthcare industry. For example, a home health volunteer or a caregiver will be able to respond quicker and ensure timely care based on the notifications from the patient monitoring app.

It is probably one of the best ways for Universities to ensure the students are informed on important updates such as examination dates, change in schedules, admissions, events etc.

These are just few random examples that crossed my mind. Effective usage of widgets will definitely capture the fancy of enterprises. However, all said and done, adding third party widgets to the notification center is still a personal choice of the user. At this rate, we will soon be dealing with widget management tools in the coming days. What do you think?

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