Custom web and mobile healthcare applications development

Build your next HIPAA-compliant, custom healthcare application

Solve the health system challenges with digital applications that are easy to use, manage, secure, and are compliant.

  • Build business and patient-centered applications with intuitive UX and clean UI.
  • Ensure HIPAA, FISMA, '21 CFR Part 11', and other regulatory compliance and guidelines.
  • Build web, mobile, and Apple Watch apps integrating data from external and internal systems.
  • Build cloud-based or cloud-native applications.

We build applications for large organizations and startups

Be it innovative healthcare products for startups or healthcare applications for large organizations, BTC has developed hundreds of solutions over the years, solving various health system challenges.

  • Telehealth and telemedicine

  • Fitness and wellbeing

  • Mental health

  • Medical transportation

  • Health insurance

  • Image sharing

  • IoT healthcare applications

  • Connected medical devices and wearables

  • Virtual clinical trials

  • Chronic disease management

  • Research studies

  • Health data access and consent via Blue Button 2.0

  • Health information exchange

  • Remote patient monitoring and engagement

  • EHR, PHR, and EMR solutions

  • Health data analytics

  • Doctor and patient portals

  • Monitor health and productivity of healthcare workers

Innovative healthcare applications
that we have built

Heroes-Health app built on FDA MyStudies platform

Heroes Health app for UNC Health

Heroes-Health app built on FDA MyStudies platform

We built Heroes Health—a healthcare application for UNC—leveraging the FDA MyStudies platform (also developed by BTC).

Thousands of US healthcare workers working amidst the Covid-19 pandemic are currently using the app to assess their mental health and get support.

Eleven hospitals affiliated with UNC adopted the app. The app then made its way to Cooper University Health Care in NJ, Jefferson Health in PA, Grady Health in Atlanta, GA. It now has users in 48 states across the US.

'For Health’ app for Harvard School of Public Health

Engine-1 diabetes management mobile app

BTC developed mobile and web applications to aid the research on linkages among indoor environmental quality and human cognitive functions. The 'For Health' app enabled the data collection from study participants via surveys and cognitive tests, their wearable devices, and sensors in the building.

Engine-1 diabetes management mobile app

Diabetes management apps for Glucose Advisors LLC

Users' nutrition and physical activity data on Engine-1 app

We built this platform (mobile and web apps) which helped Glucose Advisors stand out in the already crowded diabetes management space. The applications had a complex algorithm, gathering and analyzing multiple data points and scenarios to make recommendations to users. We built a prediction tool (Engine1 GlucoNavigator) to predict blood glucose levels up to six hours in advance.

Our application development process

Right at the onset, we capture the more significant business objectives that you are trying to meet. We follow an agile approach while we work with healthcare product innovators or large organizations.

  • Requirement analysis

    At this stage, we analyze your needs, use cases, technology preferences, compliance integration requirements. We capture this detailed information at the beginning of your project.

  • Design and development

    As a next step, the BTC team then finalizes the UI and UX. At this stage, we also determine the technology architecture followed by iterative development of the applications.

  • Compliance and integrations

    At this stage, the development team establishes and tests integrations with internal and external systems while taking into account compliances around data interoperability.

  • Testing and deployment

    The team undertakes manual and automated testing to weed out any anomalies. We then deploy fully functional, on-time, on-budget applications.

  • Support and maintenance

    Post-deployment, BTC extends its services to fully support and maintain the products and applications to ensure stability, bug fixing, and addition of new features and scalability.

Technologies that we leverage

In our custom application development, we leverage technology that makes your applications robust, secure, compliant, interoperable, and fast.

Our technology stack

IOS development

Our developers have developed a battle-hardened understanding of iOS HealthKit, ResearchKit, and CareKit. Read 'Who we are' to find out how we achieved this.

Web applications

Typically, we develop web applications to help admin users manage the back-end and analyze data. Our developers implement top-notch UI/UX for admin users.

Internet of things (IoT)

We continue to build applications that receive, process, and analyze data received from sensors and wearables. Read our case study on applications developed for Harvard School of Public Health.

Cloud technologies

Developers at BTC have expertise in building cloud-native applications on Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning

We are increasingly adopting AI and ML in healthcare applications with complex algorithms and predictive abilities.

Voice-enabled solutions

The future of human-software interactivity is more leaning towards voice rather than text input. We have developed healthcare research applications that used participant's voices to capture data inputs and triggered tasks.

Android development

Our developers are equally skilled in Android development.


Integration with medical devices,
wearables, and sensors.

Integration with physical/patient

medical record

Integration with EHR

Health kit and stethoscope

Integration with operating
systems such as billing and
appointment scheduling.

Security, privacy, and compliance built-in

We build applications that are secure and are compliant with various
regulations and standards related to health data.


We ensure that your apps remain secure with end-to-end AES 256 encryption, role-based access rights, multi-factor authentication, and user session time-out.


Regulation under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act offerings standards to protect sensitive protected health information (PHI and ePHI) from being disclosed without the patient's consent or knowledge.


Service and Organization Controls, introduced by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), is an auditing procedure that ensures managing customer data around security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.


The Federal InformationSecurity Management Act (FISMA) mandating federal agencies to develop, document, and implement an information security and protection program.

HL7 standards

Industry benchmarks developed by Health Level Seven International (HL7) for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information

21 CFR Part 11' compliance

Part of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations that require software and systems involved in processing the electronic data have controls, including audit trails, system validations, electronic signatures, and documentation.

The HiTech act

Technical safeguards for electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act.

FTC act

Regulations under the Federal Trade Commission Act relating to privacy and general data security issues.


Adherence to the guidance issued by the Food and Drug Administration for digital health applications integrated with medical devices.

IEC 62304

International standard that specifies life cycle requirements for developing medical software and software within medical devices.


Security measures in the applications such as remote wiping of the data where there is a loss of personal device used under an organization's "bring your own device" policy.

Mobile app guidelines

Our developers follow Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for CareKit and HealthKit, Android. OS.Health guidelines, and MFi Program by Apple for mobile healthcare applications.


Regulation to protect the privacy of data of citizens of the European Union.

Customers that trust us


Recognition for our work


Winner of the prestigious federallabs IMPACT award 2020.


Mobile app daily's top healthcare application development company 2020.


Clutch top healthcare web application development company in boston 2020.

Not just application development

Beyond developing web and mobile healthcare applications, we partner with our
clients in deeper engagements to truly meet their Healthcare IT transformation initiatives.

Digital transformation

  • Healthcare application modernization
  • Google Cloud services for healthcare
  • Cloud migration for healthcare organizations
  • Cloud DevOps

Digital product engineering

  • Healthcare product modernization
  • Testing and quality assurance services
  • Offshore R&D

Technology for healthcare solutions

  • Virtual clinical trials
  • Real-world evidence
  • Population health research
  • Healthcare data interoperability
  • Care management
  • Telehealth
  • Healthcare operations

Healthcare digital platforms

FDA MyStudies

The technology platform to gather real-world data for clinical trials. BTC originally developed it for the FDA. Now the platform solution is being offered to all healthcare organizations.


The technology platform for observational research studies. BTC originally developed it for the Harvard School of Public Health. Now the platform solution is being offered to all healthcare research organizations.

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