Healthcare organizations are increasingly focused on “Digital Transformation” to improve patient experience, empower employees, and reduce upward pressure on delivery costs. Digitizing manual processes and modernizing existing applications is a key component of the Digital Transformation agenda. Boston Technology Corporation can help you achieve these changes successfully.


Boston Technology Corporation has over 14 years of experience in Web and Mobile application design, development, modernization, testing, and support. We’ve helped companies reimagine and digitize complex business processes.


Plus, we’ve tackled complex legacy application migration projects involving process and technology modernization. Our experience working on dozens of diverse healthcare applications uniquely positions us to help you meet complex business processes, compliance, and technology challenges.


Partnering with Boston Technology Corporation provides you:

  • Access to a team with deep and diverse web, mobile, integration technology experience
  • Understanding of HIPAA, FISMA, and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Access to dozens of frameworks and templates resulting in faster development times and reduced project costs
  • Use of over 2,500 automated test cases


But most importantly a partner that you can trust and depend on in your transformation journey.

Case Study

FDA MyStudies – Streamline clinical trials and data collection with real time, patient-reported outcomes.

The FDA’s MyStudies app provides its participants with a convenient way to provide clinical trial research experience in real-time via their iOS or Android device…

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Web app and automation for Evoqua Water Technologies

Having an easy-to-use, web-based product simulator for Evoqua personnel and customer engineers was a high priority to meet growth KPIs…

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Case Study

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