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Work with us for your healthcare product engineering requirements.

  • A team with in-depth experience in healthcare.
  • Maturity in agile product development.
  • Digital-native approach to product engineering.
  • HIPAA-compliant cloud software architecture.
  • Product designs that are scalable for data and process interoperability.
  • Deep collaborations with Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, and Apple.

We make innovations happen for every
player in healthcare

We understand the unique requirements of clients
across the healthcare spectrum

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Product engineering for a variety
of digital health interventions

BTC has helped its clients build products solving a
variety of health system challenges.

For users and patients

Personal health tracking by users

  • Access to ones’ own medical records
  • Self-monitoring of health or diagnostic data
  • Active data capture / documentation

On-demand information services to users

  • Look-up of health information

Targeted communication to users

  • Transmit targeted health information based
    on health status
  • Transmit targeted alerts and reminders for
    medication or activity adherence
  • Transfer diagnostic results or availability
    of results to users

For healthcare providers

User / Patient identification and registration

  • Verify a user’s unique identity
  • Enroll users for clinical studies, health

Patients health records

  • Longitudinal tracking of users’ health
  • Transform patients’ unstructured clinical

Decision support

  • Screen patients by risk or other health
  • Receive prompts and alerts accordingly to


  • Transmission of medical data
  • Remote monitoring of patients’ health or
    diagnostic data

Referral Coordination

  • Coordinate emergency response and
  • Manage referrals between points within
    and outside of health sector.

Health worker activity monitoring

  • Schedule their activities.
  • Monitor health and productivity of
    healthcare workers

Prescription and medication management

  • Track patients’ medical consumption
  • Track activity and medication protocol

Supply chain management

  • Notify stock level of health commodities.
  • Manage procurement of commodities.

Laboratory and diagnostic imaging

  • Capture diagnostic results from digital
  • Transmit diagnostic result to healthcare

For data services

Data collection, management, and use

  • Data aggregation, synthesis, and
  • Automated analysis of data to generate new information or predictions
  • Data exchange and interoperability across

Data Coding

  • Parse unstructured data into structured
  • Classify disease codes.

Location mapping

  • Map location of patients and healthcare
  • Map location for transportation

Create interventions across the continuum
of care and healthcare research

Build your products for improving patient care or gather data for
healthcare research studies.

Patient care

  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Virtual care delivery
  • Medication adherence
  • Scheduling
  • Patient enablement
  • Emergency response services
  • Care co-ordination
  • Benefits management

Healthcare and medical research

  • Virtual clinical trials
  • Real-world evidence (RWE)
  • Population health research
  • Drug discovery
  • E-health
  • M-health
  • Genomics
  • Health data analytics

Modern product engineering at every stage of healthcare product development

With BTC, build your products leveraging the modern software engineering and development models, be it the adoption of cloud, API-lead integrations, automation, AI, ML, containerization, or DevOps.

Experience design

Personas, scenarios, and user stories. We will work with you to determine features and design, leveraging your user research and product aspirations and our domain and technology knowledge.

Architectural design

Use multi-tier client-server and service-oriented architecture. Use reliable, secure, scalable cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS.

Agile development and DevOps

Deliver product functionality quickly, respond faster to changing product specifications, and minimize development overheads. Achieve faster deployment, reduced risk, and faster code repair with DevOps.

QA testing

Get products that perform predictably via functional testing, user testing, load and performance testing, and security testing. Get program reviews done to ensure a high-quality code.

Support and maintenance

Get continuous help on fixing issues, maintenance, and application backups.

Not just technology, we understand your
business imperatives

We partner with your business and technology teams to build end-to-
end solutions to help you win in competitive markets.

  • Leverage third-party tools.
  • Integrate with multiple internal or external applications.
  • Utilize a variety of automation tools and technologies.
  • Adherence to QRDA, HL7, DICOM, NCPDP, IHE, EDI X12, CCDA, FHIR, ICD 10.
  • With user-centered experience design, build products with UI that exceeds users' expectations, ensures product adoption and early monetization.
  • Offer personalized user experience on smartphones, tablets, and computers, even using voice.
  • Need complex algorithms and rule engines built into your product? We have done it. Want a content management system, insightful dashboards, flawless admin access? Consider it delivered.
  • Whatever it takes. We will masterfully engineer your product idea to take it to the market faster.

Accelerated product modernization to win
new opportunities

The healthcare ecosystem is complex and constantly evolving. We work with innovators and entrepreneurs to modernize their digital health products. Stay ahead of this evolution.

Work with BTC to modernize your products with cloud, mobile, AI, ML, and IoT technologies.

Our recommendations are aligned with your current strategy, while we also bring our view on future opportunities for you.

Without getting an eye off the business economics, we engineer product modernization with a sense of urgency.

Research and Development (R&D) services for your next innovation

Carrying out R&D experiments needs a partner who understands and is capable of delivering customized services. BTC understands it.

Get access to a co-engineering, agile team—a team of talented software product development professionals—entirely dedicated to your R&D project.

Imagine an extension of your team, working remotely, securely executing your R&D efforts while you have total control. That's what the BTC team would be for you. Manage this team directly or co-manage with a technical leader at BTC. The choice is yours.

Save dollars with offshore outsourcing. Spend more on R&D where it is required.

Testing and quality
assurance services

Healthcare organizations face myriad challenges meeting expectations of delivering on-time, on-budget, zero-defect, compliant applications. These challenges get compounded by constantly changing technologies and regulations.

Our certified QA experts have years of deep experience in both manual automated testing.

Work with us for an optimized UX for your healthcare applications

  • Mitigate your technical and business risks
  • Reduce your time-to-market
  • Improve the software quality
  • Prevent high-severity defects.

Support and maintenance services

It is a natural addition to our healthcare application and product development expertise. BTC has been successfully delivering support and maintenance under a variety of challenging scenarios.

Get L3 and L4 levels of support and maintenance

  • Healthcare applications with complex algorithms and multiple external system integrations
  • Applications and products lacking any prior documentation or clarity on user scenarios
  • Business-critical healthcare applications with zero downtime mandate
  • Fixing application and product performance issues
  • Resolving code and database level errors
  • Faster resolution of issues and ease of app upgrades
  • Maintenance, backup, and compliance reporting.
  • Adding new features and expanding application and product capabilities via API-led integrations

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