Healthcare technology product organizations face constant pressure to meet feature release dates while balancing costs, resources, and support pressures. They must also continue innovating to keep pace with the rapidly changing market landscape.


Boston Technology Corporation has helped many healthcare technology companies meet these challenges and improve patient outcomes with innovative digital health solutions. We provide the digital health capabilities that you need today and those to help you evolve into the future.


Partnering with Boston Technology Corporation provides these and other benefits:

  • Access to in-depth Healthcare SaaS product development, testing and support experience
  • Accelerated project timelines to meet feature release dates
  • The flexibility to scale teams up and down
  • Access to full-stack development teams
  • Expertise for developing HIPAA, FISMA, and 21 CFR Part 11-compliant applications
Case Study

My Gene Counsel’s Living Lab Report

Knowing and learning about the genes that we carry and pass on from one generation to the next can change lives for the better and lead to improved health outcomes with proactive care management…

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