Posted by:Richard Smith March 26th, 2014

So, you have decided to go with a mobile app development partner.

When you say partner, I am sure you mean a mobile app development company who are experts in developing mobile apps. Someone who knows the best to bring out device features to render superior user experience on both native apps and cross platform apps.

The most common must-haves for a mobile app development partner are:

  • Technical expertise to develop mobile apps
  • Excellent understanding of user experience
  • Sense of responsibility to deliver quality apps on time
  • Flexible to adapt to your requirements
  • Proactive and zero gap in communications

Are we missing something?

To understand this, it is better to analyze what is expected from mobile apps.

Mobile apps have crept become a part of into every multiple aspects of a business workflows. It is no secret that the knack of key to a successful and useful mobile apps to lies infacilitatinge real time data exchange, geofencing and localized content delivery is due to the efficient and integration with backend systems that support them.

However, the association integration of mobile apps with the enterprise systems is complicated. Why?

Because mobility forces the backend systems to be open enough to exchange critical data with the apps and at the same time be closed enough to maintain the security. The integration mechanism connecting mobile apps and back end systems should be intelligently crafted to leverage the existing business logics and also simplify workflows.

You may now wonder what has this got to do has to do with a partner?

Therefore your partner should not be…

… an expert only in mobile app development. Look for someone who is capable of leveraging your existing business systems as it is very crucial to unleash the true potential of mobility. Also translating your idea into a mobile app would require your partner to be comfortable with a whole gamut of web technologies and integration mechanisms like API, webservices, MBaaS etc.,

Are you with me here? Who would you choose for your business?

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