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Here’s a simple answer – Temple Run is free, Temple Run is fun, Temple Run is a smash hit, and you don’t have to be a young geek or a game-freak to get hooked! 170 million downloads since August 2013 – the numbers speak for themselves. What’s The Fuss All About?

Still, trying to make sense of it – here’s why we’re hooked:

It’s a 3D game, with mind-blowing graphics and high gaming experience – nuff said? It has four playable characters, and you can keep them running till you run out of coins Anyone can play it – the accelerometer effect makes it real simple Just tap on the screen to jump, turn or duck – could it get simpler?


How far and how long can you run without crashing into a tree, being eaten by nasty-looking primates or falling into water? You get it – continuous flow of adrenalin. Beat all the odds and never-say-die. No wonder people just don’t want to shut it down. Thank God – Imangi Studios, a small indie developer came up with a fairly simple concept and dint fall prey for the traditional mobile app development traps. Oh Wait, There’s More

Temple Run 1 had its run and now it’s time for Temple Run 2. It is here and it has even more explosive visuals than 1. What’s changed?

No more dingy, dark temple surroundings; now it’s vast mountains, green forests and underground mines No more straight lines and right angled paths; just curving lanes, dips and undulations now Power-up your play character with coins or gems (collect them or pay for them)

Oh, by the way, you can actually use gems to buy yourself some extra life when you die. How much money have you got? Enough? Keep spending, and you can run indefinitely. Truly, never say die. Besides, it’s a free download. What’ve you got to lose?

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