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Today we are looking at a rapid expansion in the usage of cloud in the enterprise. Though mainframe computers dominate when it comes to bulk data processing in many enterprises (with the added assurance that it is on-premise; hence leading to secure data ) the cloud is fast occupying a place of priority for its simplicity, scalability, accessibility in multiple devices.

Another major reason behind the radical change is the huge cost reduction. By using the cloud, we shift capital expenditure to operational expenditure (from using dedicated hardware which is depreciated over a period of time to a shared infrastructure pay-as-use model.) This model is of great value for every organization regardless of its size or capital. Especially for start ups that are looking at modern infrastructure on a minimum budget.

One thing that is clear is that a 21st century enterprise has to utilize these technological changes to the full extent. The Social, Mobile , Analytics, and Cloud factor, when bundled together in the right manner can be a major competitive advantage factor for your organization. Mobility along with social interactions creates big data from which you can make better  business  decisions.

Today the mobile is becoming a first point of contact for customer.Cloud has a huge advantage in the mobile environment. Today there is a  need for secure, agile, and easy to access storage. Cloud is fast becoming a must in the mobile environment.This has created a  new set of services called Mobile Backend as a Service. More on that below –


Progress in cloud technology has resulted in as-a-service model becoming prominent. Here are some notable cloud based as-a-service models.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): This is one of the most basic and widely used cloud platforms. Here you can utilize cloud provider’s infrastructure such as a Virtual Machines, Storage, Load balancers, Networks, Storage etc. You can pay as per your usage or on a subscription basis making this a favorite in the IT market.The key players in the market include Amazon Web Services , Windows Azure etc


Amazon Webs Service( : This is a successful  infrastructure provider operating on a self service model.The amazon web service is extensively used by everyone from startups to majorIT service providers.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): There are situations where storing data is not enough. You should be able to access and use this data or use these virtual machines to develop applications. Here the computing platform and operating system and the added ability develop applications is a huge cost saver. The companies don’t actually have to pay for multiple layers of hardware and software. A few PaaS providers include IBM Bluemix,A mazon Web service , App Fog, Google App Services etc


IBM Bluemix ( This platform from IBM helps app developers build, manage and run both web and mobile applications.

Software as a service (SaaS): What if your business just needs access to highly evolved software but does not want to take on storage and infrastructure related issues? This is is where SaaS comes into the picture. Here you will be provided with software and databases. You can access the software and use it on your work machines without worrying too much about the infrastructure. The service providers will handle the entire infrastructure.There are many providers in this category for a wide variety of functions that include CRM, HRM, Marketing automation etc .


Hubspot( is a marketing automation software that helps the companies manage their inbound marketing efforts.

Usually this is called as “on demand” software and works with monthly or yearly subscriptions that works out to be a great cost advantage.

Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS): Developing mobile applications is a complex process.There are multiple applications,databases and many other interfaces that have to be integrated to be able to develop the application in a systematic manner.Do it Yourself(DIY) methods are what is practiced where each step of the development and environment have to be customized. This involves complex coding and time consuming steps.Back end as a service reduces this complexity with ready to deploy interfaces and an ability to change the code as and when needed .This has made MBaaS an irrresitible offering for application developers.The key benefits include faster deployment, faster app performance and higher quality. Providers in this space include our partner Kinvey who provide an advanced and user friendly MBaaS platform.


Kinvey( Helps app development through their backend as a service platform.The complexity involved in building and maintaining is simplified with this platform.

The biggest concern to businesses when using any cloud based infrastructure is security and privacy.  We will be examining closely solutions offered by cloud technology providers to handle these concerns.What do you think would benefit your organization and why ? I would like to hear from you!

Build a fool proof enterprise Mobile strategy.Want to know more ? Click the infographic below! 

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