Posted by:Richard Smith November 5th, 2014

If you thought mobile apps are the latest in digital health, you are wrong my friend! mHealthapps are soon becoming the middleware for healthcare wearables! Wearable technology is the new front end in digital healthcare.


71 percent of Americans say that wearable tech has ‘improved their health and fitness.’ This testimony proves the acceptance of wearable tech among common people. But the good news is, what started with the concept of a fitness tracker has blown out of proportion into gadgets that are capable of tracking blood glucose and heart rate to health monitors and dosage delivering units.

It is estimated that around 34 million units of healthcare wearables will be shipped in 2015. And now there is no looking back for these non-intrusive gadgets that are capable of real time monitoring and data transfer. Areas of healthcare like chronic disease management, elderly care, population health management, patient engagement etc. will be changed forever with the intervention of wearables.

Apart from monitoring devices and trackers, healthcare industry is also witnessing a surge in the usage of gadgets like Google Glass for dealing with emergency situations. For example, the doctor could read the medication history and allergy information of a patient admitted in the emergency department without excusing himself to look at the computer.

Also, researchers are advancing towards devising powerful detectors that are capable of detecting malfunctioning tumors and cells to aid in surgical procedures. So, the natural progression of wearables from health monitors to devices that will cure diseases is not too far away.

Needless to say, the real mission of offering faster and timely care, bringing down readmission rates and reducing healthcare costs will become a reality with the wide-spread propagation of wearables at the healthcare consumer, procedural and operational levels. What do you think?

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