Posted by:Richard Smith November 26th, 2014

Glasses and watches do have an agenda – an agenda that will not only the change the lives of people but also will transform the way businesses are conducted. But with a whole bunch of innovative sensors entering the market, watches and glasses seem to be just the kick starters of a major wearable revolution.

How well do you think these gadgets will fit in to your IT landscape?

The immature nature of the wearable market only adds to the ambiguity and confusion of the IT heads. It is too early for anyone to predict a successful enterprise strategy involving wearables for any business. However, no one is assertive enough to brush off the endless possibilities of having accurate contextual data and computing capabilities.

Prima facie, these are the concerns that will give sleepless nights to a CIO:

  • Influx of a new horde of devices and with them come new technologies. Most of these devices will replace the old systems in place. Hence supporting the new devices and technology becomes crucial for growth. Accommodating them into existing IT landscape needs investment, planning and long term strategy.
  • Contextual data gathering, as exciting as it sounds, comes with the huge responsibility of managing and processing the enormous amount of data it creates. Nothing else will matter more than the meaningful intelligence gathered from this data for propelling business growth.
  • Security – network, data, device and everything in between – will pose a major friction in enterprises as wearables will essentially push for ubiquitous networks for anywhere anytime connectivity and data access. No one other than the IT Head will know the impact of having a pervasive network that opens up for a highly unpredictable and evolving IT infrastructure.
  • The gradual shift from a work-desk based ambience to a more mobile work environment will result in a paradigm shift in work flows, work culture and employee collaboration. Handling these changes from an IT perspective would mean that the employees will have to be trained on the usage and best practices for using corporate approved wearables. Privacy policies will take a different dimension without compromising on the security aspects. Needless to say, this transformation in an organization will be dictated by the IT department.

The future belongs to wearable technology – whether you like it or not! Are you ready? Is your enterprise ready?

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