Posted by:Suparna Rao January 16th, 2014

Smart glasses, fitness bands , LED mood sweaters, smart eyelashes and even fingernails..wearable technology is indeed the talk of the town.

Google Glass

Tech innovators, product strategists and trend setters are rubbing their hands in glee. A whole new world of experiences, brand building and brave new technology frontiers to be explored.

Its the age of machines communicating,

But, lets step back for a minute, away from the hype and the commotion and think of actual usage. Right now, wearables have neither the form, function or fashion to become viable commercial products. Despite Google Glass debuting at the New York Fashion Week. Take, for example – their size. The screen size limits the amount of text that can be displayed. How much valuable information can be displayed in it? And would that be enough to drive the user to action, on the device.

Especially , when it comes to compressing full fledged features and useful functionality in to a gadget that can be clipped into clothing, wrist or even the ear.

Any which we look at it, the user is forced to interact with a complementary device like the smartphone or a tablet for continued engagement.  Added to this is context. People are going to be viewing this while on the move and this certainly does not make it amenable for text, image heavy messages.

I am not trying to paint an overly pessimistic view. Watches, headbands might undergo iterations and usher in a whole new era of smart, interactive fashion wear. And as the Buggles sang, ‘ Video killed the radio star ‘ , it might  herald a new generation of products, enterprise and consumer alike.

But, for now – it is what it is ; a lot of hype and hope .

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