Posted by:Suparna Rao November 29th, 2013

If smartphones and tablets are the sugared cake for on-the-move sales reps and executives in the enterprise, voice recognition technology is surely the cherry on the top. Or they will be once enterprise applications can tap into speech engines more intelligently.

Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, Android’s multiple voice assistants are some of the popular apps we know but there’s a speech engine underneath that makes it all possible. Nuance Communications recently launched Nina, a virtual assistant and offers the Dragon* Mobile SDKto enable voice recognition in iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps. Intel too offers the Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK 2013 Beta, and Google and Apple have their own deals.


While the speech engine is important, it’s the software app on top that derives ‘meaning’ from dialogues fed into the system. This means the app must understand dialects, accents, slang, and most of all, context. Without this capability, your voice recognition app will become the family’s stress-buster for sure.

Voice recognition applications have huge potential in the enterprise. Take the case of mobile solutions for sales. Already, custom enterprise mobile apps exist that help on-the-go salespersons manage their recordkeeping activities by talking into their phone, arrange their schedules, and have reminders spoken out to them. VR apps are also great for travelling executives. They can retrieve tickets, work files, and important information while on the move, track people, make calls, search for information, check weather at the destination city, book a taxi, all of this… without taking their eyes off the important document they’re working on.

Salesforce team members use Sophia. USAA’s iPhone app has a voice-controlled virtual assistant (Nuance’s Nina).And my question to you is: what scenarios can you think of in an enterprise setting that can leverage the potential of voice recognition. I welcome your comments.

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