Posted by:Nithin Rao September 14th, 2016

Sanofi, the French pharmaceutical company and Verily Life Sciences invested $500 million in a company called Onduo. This joint venture will focus on diabetes management. It will help people manage their condition with solutions ranging from medication management to improved habits.

The joint venture, based in Cambridge, MA will initially focus on Type 2 Diabetes and will use each company’s individual expertise in drug development, data, analytics and consumer software to help improve outcomes.

Peter Guenter, Executive Vice President, Head Global Diabetes and Cardiovasular Business Unit, Sanofi said in a statement that ‘ The integration of multiple interventions, such as data-driven patient support and devices in addition to treatment, can help improve outcomes, which is important from the perspective of patient, healthcare professionals and the overall healthcare system.’

Verily’s Chief Medical Officer Jessica Mega said that diabetes was an area where new tools and sensors would be incredible helpful in keeping track of blood sugar levels, diet and multiple medications.

Recently, Verily Life Sciences ( Google Life Sciences was renamed Verily in Dec 7, 2015) also formed a joint venture with GlaxoSmithKline to form Galvani Bioelectronics. With GSK’s expertise in drug development and Verily’s miniature electronics, data and software specialties, the $714 million partnership will boost the field of bioelectronics.

We, at Boston Technology Corporation are proud to have been part of an innovative app that empowered Type 1 diabetics to lead an active lifestyle and train for athletic activities safely. The app, Engine 1 helps Type 1 diabetics makes activity-related decisions in real-time with ease. It guides them on good times to start exercise, quantity of food to be eaten during an activity session and the right intensity of exercise to maintain optimal blood glucose levels.

It’s an exciting trend as more technology and pharma/healthcare companies are joining hands to help provide people with disease management solutions.

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