Posted by:Jayas Damodaran July 15th, 2014

In today’s fast paced competitive business environment, implementing mobility in your business is no longer a “nice to have option” – but an absolute necessity.  And if you are a mid market company aspiring to grow into the big league, Enterprise Mobility is surely a key driver for growth that you cannot afford to ignore.

Let us take a brief look at the top 5 reasons that clearly make the decision to go “mobile” almost a no-brainer:

  1. Acquire new customers: Equip the sales teams with not just information on your products and services – but let them manage the sales pipeline – all while they are moving from customer to customer. Mobility can also make it easy for the salespersons to capture orders at the  field – ensuring a higher close rates
  2. Grow the revenue per customer: Mobility is a great driver for loyalty programs – be it keeping track of purchases, offering customized location based promotions or using mobile commerce to accelerate order processing and revenue recognition.
  3. Keep your Customers Satisfied: “Customer is always right” – is no longer considered to be the ideal foundation while striving to offer superior customer service.  Instead, empowering employees with sufficient tools and decision making skills – to serve the customers better works far more efficiently.  Mobility can play a key role in ensuring that the employees have the right information at the right place on the device they have access to – in order to take the right decisions to support customers fully.  Mobility also could be a medium to implement effective self-service for customers.
  4. Keep Costs Down:Using technologies like location tracking, geofencing etc, one can maximize salesperson and field service effectiveness – bring cost of sales as well as cost of service down. Mobile point of sales as well as m-commerce can drastically bring down the cost of sales while improving on cash flows that will reflect very well in your balance sheets.
  5. Tracking your Business:As business owners, one needs to be informed on the progress of the business in terms of defined parameters. These should take the form of real time or near real time dashboards being made available on mobile devices, rather than as static planned or canned reports. Here again, Mobility can help business leaders be constantly in touch the reality of the state of the business – and take informed action as required.


The benefits and the extent of such benefits that a particular company can derive out of adopting Enterprise Mobility will differ from one to another – based on the industry vertical they belong to, current levels of automation, the size of the company, the business model etc.

But one thing is certain, the benefits are “real” and they are available NOW…  The decision whether or not to get on the bandwagon should be a no-brainer for any mid market company.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how mid market companies can leverage the power of mobility. Share them below!

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