Posted by:Leesa John February 4th, 2014

Have you tried any of the amazing mobile apps for financial goal discussion or portfolio performance monitoring? If you haven’t, then it’s time you put that smartphone or tablet to good use. You will be amazed by the wide range of mobile apps that have entered thefinancial services sector. Here are 10 mobile apps that we heartily recommend for finance advisors.

Kony Mobile Financial Advisor

  • Stay on top of raw data and client performance stats
  • Enjoy real-time results
  • Churn out informative data graphs
  • View and update client portfolios

Bloomberg Mobile


  • Obtain the latest market news and stock quotes
  • Obtain real-time data on financial markets
  • Create personalized stock portfolios for clients

Black Diamond Performance Reporting

  • Access portfolio performance data
  • Access client account and portfolio information
  • Conduct client meetings

Tapfolio and Tapfolio Trending (iPad)

  • Visualize client portfolios with great ease
  • View upcoming trends in winning and losing investments
  • Access and share relevant graphs and news

Barron’s App (iPad)

  • Access articles on finance trends and advisory aspects from Barron’s weekly magazine edition
  • Access daily commentary and market analysis from
  • Access tools and market data, customizable watch lists and quote searches

Compoundee HD

  • Perform complicated calculations in a jiffy
  • Quickly calculate investments based on multiple factors such as deposit frequency, rates and inflation
  • Quickly update clients on investment compound totals for any given timeframe
  • Run solutions for up to 5 variations at any given time


  • Access info on the best deals, products, strategies and investments for financial advisory
  • Use this info to estimate future income needs for clients

Investment Guide +

  • Get the latest updates from the finance and investment industry

Nest Egg Estimator



  • Create retirement finance projections including debt, income, assets and taxes
  • Factor multiple scenarios including job changes, expenses and lifestyle changes

Power Presenter (iPad)

  • Annotate investment portfolios in PDF format with graphs and financial trend illustrations
  • Share annotated PDFs with clients

Go on, try them out and let us know what you think.

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