Posted by:Leesa John November 21st, 2013

81% of CIOs and IT Heads are worried about the cost of developing or re-engineering their systems for use on mobile devices. Are you one of them?

Scrapping off a PC based app entirely to have something on a tablet or a smartphone could be a bad idea for your business. BUT mobility doesn’t entail replacement of enterprise applications. Surprised?

Here is the simplest and the most successful approach embraced by the pioneers in the industry – build mobile applications that can access and exchange data with your core business applications. That is right – a mobility layer on top of your business software.  This approach lets you –

  • Retain your existing core applications
  • Identify and transform the business functions to be mobilized
  • Define simpler workflows
  • A gradual transition to mobility without affecting your business

So don’t worry about losing all that you have built over the years or rewriting your business logic. The fragmented nature of mobility will adapt to your core business software!

And it is rewarding when you consider the impact of anywhere anytime data exchange, improved collaboration and faster decision making. I am sure you are with me here.

So would you still curb mobility in your enterprise? Drop me a comment on your biggest fear in going mobile in your enterprise.   So, eager to learn more about Mobility ? Deep dive into your topic of interest !

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