Posted by:Srini Bhopal January 10th, 2014

Before we start, let’s define what we are talking about – Mobile web apps are essentially mobile websites accessed on mobile devices via mobile browsers. They are not downloaded from app stores and that makes them different.

Where it all began

As mobility cast its magic spell on businesses, there was a conundrum created due to the competition pressure, spectrum of available choices and lack of proper awareness about mobile apps. The smartest ones figured out that the easiest way to get on to the mobile band-wagon was by optimizing their website for mobile devices, with a native look and feel. Thus mobile web apps were born!

They have their seats reserved

That’s right! Mobile web apps will never fade away from the enterprise mobility scene. Here is why:

Ease of development – Mobile web apps takes the load off your mobile app development team from developing separate mobile apps for various platforms. They could entirely focus on making your existing website optimized for different devices. Can you guess the impact it has on your time-to-market?

Accessibility – They are accessed via mobile browsers. So don’t worry about meeting the criteria to get listed in the app store.

Ownership – Zero dependency on app store means that you can distribute them on your terms via URL sharing, SMS, social media, email, etc.

Say NO to profit sharing – Don’t worry about giving a cut of all the transactions that takes place via your mobile web app. You get to take home every penny of yours.

For end users – Mobile web apps are as interactive as typical mobile apps and they have a small memory footprint. A great perk for users with devices that are already running slow because of the number of apps they have.

What you need to care about

For all those who are worried about creating an immediate mobile presence, mobile web app is the way to go! But nothing kills user experience than a website not optimized for mobile. Your reputation will be at stake and you are helping your competitors! Watch out.

Would you optimize your website for mobile devices? Let me know.

So, eager to learn more about Mobility ? Deep dive into your topic of interest !

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