Posted by:Suparna Rao November 21st, 2013

Of course you know there are challenges to mobile app development; there’s a whole bunch of challenges, but how much do these challenges impact the market?

All Right, Take Your Pick

So which do you think they are?

  1. Time-To-Market
  2. Backend Integration
  3. Data Security
  4. Cross-platform support
  5. Cloud integration
  6. Excellent usability
  7. Telecom cost containment
  8. User training
  9. Limiting device usage to authorized and supported ones
  10. Simplicity

Ok, It’s Confusing. Which Are The Top Ones?

That’s a total of 10 challenges and we’re sure you can come up with a few more. Which are the topmost, though?


Consumers are not prepared to wait for your solution. Your competitors are praying you’ll be delayed. So if you’re going to make the kill, you’d better deliver on time. This is the number 1 challenge.

Data Security

What keeps the CIOs of enterprise mobility firms up at night? Securing corporate data. Mainly? How to prevent in-transit data interception and how to retrieve data from a stolen or lost device.

Cross-platform Support

Multiplicity, anyone? Any enterprise mobile app worth its salt must run on multiple devices, platforms and operating systems (multiple versions). And all this within a stringent time-to-market schedule.

Backend Integration

It’s integration all the way – with legacy backend systems, cloud services, enterprise apps, social networks and enterprise SaaS systems. Phew!

Excellent Usability and User Experience

Each day, users want better features, greater flexibility, better speed and absolutely infallible service. That’s perfect looks and performance across multiple platforms, devices and OS. Another phew?!

Wonder why CIOs of enterprises are losing sleep? Now you know.

So, eager to learn more about Mobility ? Deep dive into your topic of interest !

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