Posted by:Shyam Deval September 21st, 2015

Apple revealed ResearchKit and it became an instant hit. Perhaps it had everything to impress the medical research community. However, nobody can downplay the role of those apps, which were revealed along with the framework, that sung the glory of ResearchKit.

Let’s meet the secret angels of ResearchKit!


The Parkinson mPower App More than 60,000 cases of Parkinson disease are reported each year in US alone. The progressive nature of this disease presents fresh challenges to patients on a daily basis. Tracking these symptoms will throw light into better understanding how they are connected to Parkinson’s disease. mPower app tackles this very issue by capturing data such as dexterity, balance, memory and gait with the help of gyroscope present in the iPhone.

Asthma Health app This app will rely on data gathered from the GPS of an iPhone to help participants avoid areas where air quality could worsen symptoms of asthma. The factors that trigger Asthma in different patients are equally diverse. Data coming from individuals thus also offers scope to device personalize treatments in future.

GlucoSuccess app This app is another classic example of how accelerometer and gyroscope of an iPhone could be used for gathering valuable data. A person’s blood glucose level is directly related to his diet, physical activity and medications. All these parameters could be monitored using an iPhone giving participants insights into how to take active role in one’s own well-being.

Share the Journey App This app relies on the ubiquity of iPhone as participants will be able to frequently input data on a regular basis. This ResearchKit app aims at gathering information on energy levels, cognitive abilities and mood to study the long-term effects of the chemotherapy used in treating breast cancer.

MyHeart Counts This app counts on the sensors in iPhone or the Apple Watch, or any wearable activity device linked to Apple Health App to measure the activity data against diet and lifestyle information to study how they are directly related to cardiovascular diseases.

All these apps effectively demonstrated how iPhone features could be leveraged to gather data that matters for medical research studies. They further proved their point by showing us some dream numbers in terms of participation making ResearchKit an instant hit among researchers.

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