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I had covered SalesForce Wear in an earlier blog (Read it here). An app development platform that not only contains open source code, but also comes packed with sample apps for wearable devices, this initiative had its sight set firmly on the wearable technology adoption in the enterprise.

Cut to today, how are things? In a word – Happening!  Sorry, was not going for suspense there!

“By 2017, wearable devices will drive 50 percent of total mobile app interactions,” wroteRoxane Edjlali, Research Director at Gartner.

And industry interest in SalesForce Wear also point in the same direction.

Epson, Jawbone, Meta, Oculus and Vuzix all joined the Salesforce Wear device ecosystem recently ushering 3D glasses and virtual reality headsets into the enterprise along with the ever-popular fitness trackers. The success of the SalesForce Wear ecosystem has underlined the eagerness of enterprises to integrate wearables to enhance customer and employee relationships, alike.



More and more companies in the Internet of Things space are joining hands in developing enterprises apps designed to leverage the booming wearable market. A few notable apps are

Proximity Insight :

By integration with iBeacon technology, the app send Android Wear notifications to staff whenever a customer is in the range of their location, thereby helping them engage customers with a more personalized retail experience. From anticipating behavior to gaining insights from physical interaction, the app helps in utilizing the shopper’s past purchase data and items looked at online site visits in creating a more customized experience. Neat!

You can find more about Proximity Insight here 


By enabling individuals to connect any wearable device to the Salesforce1 Platform through their solution, The Social Machine, Ehterios is helping companies derive meaningful and actionable insights from data. From remote patient monitoring where a patient’s health can be monitored remotely in real-time through connected scales, blood pressure cuffs and pulse oximeters to fitness trackers, the company is helping hospital staff constantly monitor patient’s health while reducing actual, physical visits.

Brivo Labs:

Yet another company, Brivo Labs has an identity access management application, NthID, uses a person’s cardiac rhythm to allow for secure and easy access to both devices and physical spaces. NthID works with NthID works with Nymi. Brivo has incorporated this unique “heatbeat” identifier into Rändivoo, which is another app on AppExchange. By enabling incoming guests to check in through an iPad, Randivoo have been designed to help enterprise reduce wait times and create better first impressions with partners and clients.

This is just the beginning. With many other existing apps that give salespersons instant access to important trends right on their smartwatch to enabling customers at a car dealership look at a life-sized hologram of a vehicle of their choice, the enterprise-wearable interface can look forward to exciting days ahead!

What are your thoughts on SalesForce Wear? We would love to hear from you !

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