Posted by:Ranjit Anand May 27th, 2014

Remember the times when you forgot what was decided in the last meeting? Do you get confused as to who is in charge of each task after a meeting? Had difficulties in getting everyone on the same page before or after a meeting? These are questions that plague everyone whose work day involves multiple meetings. If you are one of them, despair not – here is a list of simple things to take care of when you are in-charge of project meetings.

  1. Agenda

Given the number of meetings taking place on a day to day basis, there can be chances where attendees confuse agendas under discussion. It would be very helpful if the agenda of the meeting is well stated and sent along with the invitations so that the attendees are aware of it and can come prepared.

  1. Invitee List and Notifications

There may be many stakeholders in the project, but the actual discussion may be planned among just a few. Stakeholders will find it easy if they know beforehand just how necessary their participation in a meeting is. This can be done while sending out the invites, with list segregation between mandatory and optional participants. This allows optional participants to rearrange their schedules based on availability.

  1. Minutes of Meeting (MoM)

With meetings, come different points of views. Often, attendees end up confused over what was finally agreed upon. It is the responsibility of the Project Co-coordinator to post a bulleted list of points addressing the topics discussed and outcomes and send it to all the attendees after every meeting.

  1. Action Items

It is a fact that everyone likes to talk.  And given the short attention span of people today, many attendees tend to miss out on things supposed to be addressed after the meeting. It is important to add the list of action items after the meeting and assign it to the appropriate people, so they can be followed upon and executed.

  1. Follow Up

The most crucial task for a Project Manager is to follow up on the action items at appropriate times. Not because people are negligent but it’s just that people get too busy with multiple tasks. So an effective project manager should set out the priorities right and ensure that the tasks are completed on time.

There, 5 simple and oft forgotten to-dos when it comes to project meetings. Can there be a simpler list than the one above? Please do let me know..

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