Posted by:McKinley Hackett July 28th, 2016

In a strange way, Pokémon Go is also driving increased activity for our youth, as kids search for elusive Pokémon by walking around.

As we continue to engage with technology to help us manage our health, we embark on the crossroads of IoT and Patient Engagement. First off, IoT stands for the Internet of Things, and Wearables will generate $14 billion in revenues this year, 2016. Devices like Pokémon Go, Apple Watch and FitBit are common examples of Wearable devices.

Key Gamification Attributes of Patient Engagement
  1. Data Entry (an automated process to collect and share data)
  2. Cost (free for users but monetized by cost savings for insurers and reductions in worker’s compensation clams)
  3. Social Media (being able to compete and share in HIPAA compliant environments)
  4. Visibility (Patient Portals give the flexibility to look at health records from the comfort of home)
Mobile Research and Reporting

Boston Children’s Hospital took an initiative to engage youngsters in regards to obesity through their mobile devices. The challenge was to provide an intuitive interface that youngsters would love to use and at the same time, maximize the information gathered by creatively harnessing the power of mobility.

Our children have grown up in the digital age and expect to manage their social interactions, lifestyles, and health through their mobile device. Key technologies like Apple ResearchKit and Google ResearchStack will continue to increase the proliferation of surveys and patient engagement solutions.

However, when it comes to getting kids off the couch to go out and play, Pokemon Go!, best example ever.

Here is your end to end roadmap for a successful mhealth the infographic to know more!

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