Posted by:Nithin Rao October 14th, 2015

User experience or UX is one of the all-time favorite topics in mobile app development. What is the most critical component of user experience? Color, pixel, intuitive design, …? I would say data!


Data, data everywhere…

The concept of user experience has come a long way since the early computer games to mobile apps to the latest wearables. So far it was weighed on appearance, ease of use, intuitiveness etc. Data wasn’t a prominent parameter until the recent disruption of smartphones and devices.

What pushed data into the limelight?

Smartphones and smart devices made us more open. Our location, social interactions, transactions, etc. are well captured and measured to identify behavioral patterns. This insight on individual preferences is the key to offering personalized UX driven by data. Bring contextual data into the frame – based on certain events, location etc. –  the picture looks even more promising.

Making the right use of data

If data is available on context and preferences of a person, personalization becomes possible. And personalization is the key. It can influence buying decisions, trigger favorable actions and more considering the in-app advertisements and purchasing options offered by today’s mobile apps.

I am indeed talking about app analytics and big data. Somehow, we have always treated them differently than clubbing with the concept of user experience. It is time to bring them under the UX umbrella to offer the ultimate personalized user experience for a mobile app user. Let this mark the next phase of UX revolution!

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