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The New York Fashion Week always makes the headlines. But, this year, another showstopper made as much news as the Spring/Summer 2015 looks.  Yes, Wearable Technology stole the spotlight this time.

The Fashion-Technology marriage is now new. For example, Apple’s emphasis on beautiful design and clean lines is legendary. It is what catapulted the company from a technology company to almost a luxury brand, with all their products from the Mac to iPhone to the Apple Watch being coveted possessions.

But, with the advances in wearable technology, this alliance is gaining deeper meaning.  We are talking of something personal here, something the consumer will actually wear!

And for people to make that leap and for wearables to gain wider appeal, they have to look beautiful, discreet and be labeled fashion accessories; not a cool tech must-have.

Enter, fashion designers. Their collaboration with path-breaking technology companies has led to the way to wearable technology that’s truly… hmm…wearable. By taking bulky, clunky pieces of wearables and converting them to sleek runway looks, these designers have redefined the future of fashion.

Take Rebecca Minkoff for instance – A designer known for her luxury handbags, footwear and apparel for the fashion savvy woman of today. She teamed with Case-Mate to create a collection of wearable tech accessories that were unveiled at the Spring ’15 show at New York Fashion Week. Her gold-link chain notification bracelets that serve as phone chargers and necklaces that buzz when an email or text is received have transcended from wearables to smart fashion accessories.


Intel partnered with Opening Ceremony for designing their upcoming wearable device called MICA. These smart bracelets that sync with smartphones for notifications and alerts was mentioned at the NY Fashion week and will be sold at Barneys and Opening Ceremony retail stores by the end of 2014.


The list goes on…

CuteCircuit  have light-up dresses that can be controlled through an iPhone app.

Google Glass has been working Luxottica and Diane von Furstenberg for more mainstream designs of Google Glass.

Tory Burch partnered with FitBit earlier this year for a line of svelte fitness accessories.


The Ralph Lauren smart shirt made its debut at the U.S. Open tennis championships. With sensors to read wearer’s heartbeat and respiration, it also has a Bluetooth transmitter, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope.


Bottom line- Wearable technology is coming of age and the fashion-tech community is ensuring that the designs are guaranteed to untether you from devices while ensuring you stay connected… and look fashionable while at it.

Do you have any exciting products to add to the list? We would love to hear from you !

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