Posted by:Leesa John February 11th, 2014
In a recent interview with TSAM organizers, Alan Hamilton, CEO of Equipos said that asset managers spend only 50% of their time on client service activities. The other 50% is spent on preparing and delivering reports.

Alan brought up about one of the biggest issues that advisors face – not spending enough time with the clients. Even during the time spent with clients, the conversations may not be focused and effective enough to cater to what they need.                                            

Times have changed! And so have the nature of advisor-client interactions!

Today’s prospects are tech-savvy. They are keen to have anytime, anywhere access to their advisors and gather insights on how to maximize their returns. They expect to gain insights from an advisor what they cannot gather using online and offline methods.

So advisors need to step up too.

As an advisor, you need to be in an “always on” mode and make yourself available to your clients whenever they want. How will you achieve this?

The answer is simple: harness mobility to your advantage.

Here is a quick list of what mobile apps could do for you:
  • Prepare custom presentations for each of your prospects while you are on the go
  • On-board clients faster using mobile registration forms
  • Discuss your client goals
  • Create model portfolios based on client goals
  • Use interactive graphs to show asset and fund allocations and performance
  • Communicate risk tolerance and market predictions using multimedia content
  • Instantly connect with your prospects and clients via social media
  • Aggregate financial information from various accounts and income sources anywhere anytime using financial planning dashboards and share them instantly with clients
  • Track portfolio performance, measuring actual against goals
  • Prepare real time client reports & alerts
Mobile devices not only make you look tech-savvy but also increase your accessibility and communication. So, here is my advice to advisors – First identify what takes up most of your time. Then look how going mobile can streamline it for you.

Remember, most of these tasks could be done on your mobile device and done while you are on the go!

Can you think of any other technology that has revolutionized the financial services sector the way mobility has? Leave a comment.

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