Posted by:Ranjani Rao March 4th, 2016
Here’s launching a new series called the Did-You-Know series.Each blog in the series would give a quick set of interesting facts you could ruminate on and use when needed in your apps! Today’s post speaks about apps and promotional offers.  You may want to give the app free to a certain select audience for review or grant discounts as a seasonal offer. You might also want to offer specific features for free using promo codes. Here are some facts that may help.
  1. For Android apps, if your app supports in-app purchases, it automatically supports in-app redemption of promo codes. Each promo code is associated with a single product item (this could be used to identify an app feature) registered in the developer console.  The user can redeem the code either in the Play Store app or within your app.
  2. Google Play allows you to offer a configurable trial period for monthly and annual subscriptions you have with your app
  3. With Android apps, you can also defer the next billing date for a person who has subscribed to one of your in-app subscription plans. The user continues to be subscribed to the content, and has full access to it, but is not charged during the deferral period. The longest you can defer billing is for one year at a time.
  4. Likewise, with Apple’s App Store you can provide potential customers or reviewers with a free copy of your iOS app by using promo codes. Promo codes can be redeemed through any store territory where your app is available and are valid for four weeks from the day they’re generated.
  5. App Store promo codes become invalid if a new version of the app becomes available or if your contract with Apple expires. Each promo code generated for an app can be used once to download the app.
  6. As an iOS app developer, you can request up to 100 promo codes for every version of your app.
  7. Note that promo codes don’t work for In-App Purchase products on iOS apps, including issues for apps in the Magazines & Newspapers category.
  8. You can always write your own logic to handle promo codes and the custom scenarios you need. There are however ‘promo-code-service-providers’ that help you generate and share promo codes for your apps and keep track of the redemption. Make sure you still plan for this early enough in the life cycle of your app as you might need to handle some logic on the app side as well.
  9. You could also choose to have a custom B2B implementation for private distribution to a closed group of people. Apple’s Volume Purchase Program helps facilitate this.
  10. You can choose to change the price of your app in the App Store for a certain period timed with festivals or events. Such seasonal offers are a good way to promote apps and boost sales.
That was a quick set of points for running promotional offers with your apps. Have you had insightful experiences with using any of the above mechanisms? We’d love to hear them! Learn the CIO’s To do list for 2016.Click on the image below to download your copy!  

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