Posted by:Srini Bhopal January 31st, 2014

The journey of enterprises from mainframes and legacy systems to mobility and cloud computing has left a few causalities in its way.

Traditionally, the CIO’s office held the strings to budget allocations, technology decisions and IT solutions. And all these decisions were taken with a singular focus on skills available and cost of ownership. Everything revolved around the data center. But, that was the past..


Today, new project initiatives, ROI valuations, cost justifications have all undergone a makeover. Now, the customer is the epicenter around which analytics, cloud, mobility andsocial business revolves. IT has had to quickly mold itself to this new paradigm.

And the CIO’s role has changed from being the technology supremo to a role that clearly serves the lines of business. Keeping department projects and end users happy is no longer the only focus. The CIO has to work closely with business heads, be it the CMO looking for new market insights , the salesforce demanding ever increasing custom mobile apps or employees clamoring for BYOD support. This makes the CIO’s office as much a stakeholder in the company’s key performance indicators as any of the other lines of business.

This is the new avatar for the CIO – She is no longer bound by an internal IT team with limited technology skills. To help the business be future ready, meet rising customer expectations and gain a competititve edge, she has her pick of  new tools, technologies, platforms and providers to support her in this new role.

And how will she perform in this role?

In this insightful article, Tom Kaneshige delves into the mind of the CIO. He characterizes the CIO as a Myers-Briggs personality type that is practical, realistic, decisive and focused on getting results in the most efficient way possible.

And that, right there, gives the CIO a headstart, in her new avatar !

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