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Together, we finished a lot of work in a short amount of time. I appreciate their flexibility and commitment to meeting our needs.

Anonymized, A Leading Digital Health Startup

I’m most impressed by the way they're able to scale to meet the challenges we have. The feedback from our executive team, who talk to investors and people we do business with, has been positive about the changes we've made so far. Their willingness to always try to do it for us is highly appreciated.

Breanna DiBella, Creative Director, KICVentures

Boston Technology Corporation was truly a part of our team and had an interest in our development as much as in putting money into their own pockets. We've always been able to trust and count on Boston Technology Corporation's team. They've been professional, eager, and willing to help us, particularly compared to the second company we used.

Ellen Matloff, President & CEO, My Gene Counsel

I was immensely impressed with how they understood the project and translated that into code. I had to think things through as the app was created, and they were able to walk ten steps ahead to figure out what we needed. That was very helpful. There were things I didn't know how to get through, so I would tell them my vision and they gave suggestions on how to reach my goals. I was impressed that they could understand the disease and exercise portions and create an app for that in six months.

Cliff Scherb, Founder & CEO, Glucose Advisors LLC

I was really struck by their depth of knowledge and ability to convert our needs into a comprehensive product. I have a medical background, so I was pleasantly surprised by how well they translated the medical field content in order to meet patient needs. It's given us a superior product in comparison to other options on the market, especially when it comes to engaging patients with the platform. On the technical side, we ran into two bugs during the development process. They resolved each one within 24 hours.

Wendy Terry, President, Cross Medical Solutions

I've been doing IT projects for decades, and this team is one of the best vendors I've hired. Boston Technology Corporation is flexible, accommodating, and timely. They deliver high-quality results and resolve any software defects within a week of being reported. The team brilliantly ideates how certain functionalities could improve users' experience. From our perspective, it's much better than if we'd been left to our own means.

Anonymized, IT Manager, Public Policy Research Org

Boston Technology Corporation was fully committed to delivering a high-functioning app and even provided additional feature content. They communicated well, assessed change requirements, and adhered to deadlines. We were particularly impressed by the creative team's capabilities.

Anonymized, Healthcare IT product company

They were always very fast and thorough when finding and addressing issues. They were very professional. They were accommodating, flexible, and willing to work under less than ideal circumstances. We had a grant that required a very quick turnaround, and they kept a really good attitude throughout the process. They delivered the project in a very short time frame, quicker than any other quote we received from other companies. They were very polite and a pleasure to work with.

Anonymized, Project Manager, Public Health School

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