Posted by:Ranjani Rao July 2nd, 2015

True! Say mobile app developers all around the world – according to the recent Developer Survey conducted by Stack Overflow.

The amazing journey of Swift since its introduction at Apple’s developer conferenceWWDC2014 has motivated Apple to continuously enhance the platform. Well, WWDC 2015 witnessed the introduction of Swift 2.0 and the announcement that it will be an open source by the end of the year.

Apple has thus won the developer heart once again!

What makes the mobile app developers fall in love with Swift 2.0?

Swift is a clean language. It doesn’t require developers to adhere to the traditional ways of coding with semicolons and parenthesis. Also, Swift frees up method calls from the legacy nesting technique.

Here are the much applauded three features of Swift 2.0

Sophisticated Error Handling 

Error handling becomes advanced with clear, expressive syntax for catching and throwing errors.Moreover, Swift 2.0 gives a free hand to app developers for creating custom error types. So developers can mention error cases with clear, meaningful names.

Protocol Extensions

Adding new functionalities across all classes that fit in a definite protocol becomes easier with Swift 2.0. So the global functions take a back seat as the standard library itself add methods to chain common functions.

Availability Checking

Imagine the trouble of keeping tabs on the APIs while developing apps for multiple versions of iOS. Swift 2.0 comes with a built-in feature that throws an error if an API isn’t suitable for the target OS version. There is also an option for conditional version check by wrapping blocks of code using a new keyword. How nice of it!

Apple has bigger plans for Swift! What was introduced as a programming language has become a platform now! More and more developers are embracing Swift with wide open arms. So where are you in the league?

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