Posted by:Nithin Rao February 13th, 2015

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A new survey by Boston Retail Partners says nearly 40% of all large US retailers plan to support Apple Pay by the end of next year. That is a big jump from the current 8% of large US retailers currently accept Apple Pay.

And kicking off this trend is Starbucks.

A couple of days ago, they updated their iOS app and added support for Apple Pay. To be noted is that with this update, all the iOS app users can do is add credit to their Starbucks card and reload it using Apple Pay. With Touch ID, reloading the Starbucks card gets even easier as all of the secure payment information is available within Apple Pay.

Starbucks is an official Apple Pay partner. But the NFC technology that is required to enable Apple Pay in-store is not available in any of the Starbucks outlets… yet. The most recognizable coffee chain in the world has its own proprietary barcode scanner for in-store purchases for the Starbucks app. Starbucks app combines payments with rewards and has more than 12 million monthly active users.

This new version of the app also includes menu enhancements. When users browse the menu, they will now find additional calorie information on menu items. The update also includes an enhancement of the experience for Mobile Order & Pay in Portland.

Do you think Apple Pay will catch on with more big name retailers? Share your thoughts ..

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