Posted by:Shyam Sundar November 15th, 2011

Browser based apps beat native apps on many counts. They don’t involve heavy downloads and installation. They rely on the internet so you’re not tied down to any specific PC, platform or even device type (in some cases) – laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Categories under browser apps are growing rapidly today, spanning music play, data storage, scheduling, word processing, record keeping, and more. While not all web apps match the capabilities of their native counterparts, there are some that have become an indispensable part of work and fun in many professional and home users’ lives. A few of the most popular web apps are: Ghostery This web app is ideal for online users who want to keep tabs on who keeps track of their computer. Companies and websites use tracking cookies, tags, web bugs, etc. to track users for reasons ranging from e-commerce incentives to marketing. Ghosterytracks these and allows you to block them. The app is available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari.



LastPass is a secure password generator that saves all your passwords in encrypted form and generates a single sign-on password that only you can access. It is available for Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and several mobile browsers.

Angry Birds

Who says browser apps are all about work? While away free time playing Angry Birds via the browser. It was compatible with Chrome only earlier but runs on most major browsers now.

Adblock Plus

Dislike those annoying ads on websites? You can block them with Adblock Plus. It’s a boon to online users. Currently, it’s available on Chrome and Firefox only.


Yoono This is the app for you if you are a social media addict. Yoono adds a sidebar to your browser which shows updates from Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, and Twitter and instant messages via AIM, Google Talk, etc. You can even drag and drop content from websites to share immediately. The browser app is available for Chrome and Firefox.


Speckie is an add-on to Internet Explorer that checks spellings in real time on anything you work on in the browser – emails, forms, etc.


Manage your favorite media player from within the browser. Foxytunes lets you control iTunes, Pandora, Windows Media Player or any other player from your Firefox or IE browser.

Astrid Tasks

A to-do list that you can access anytime? This is it. Schedule your day, delegate tasks, share your list or ask for help, you can do it all with Astrid Tasks. It is available on Chrome and in a web version for other browsers too.


Super Mario Bros. Crossover Here’s another game to keep you busy. Mario is one of the oldest games and still as addictive. The web app allows you to play Mario Bros and interact with other Nintendo characters too. What more can you ask? That it becomes available on other browsers soon apart from Chrome.


Love Firefox but hate the way it handles downloads? Get the DownThemAll extension and control downloads with pause, resume and an accelerator.

Using your browser only as a medium for online reading is so passé.

So, eager to learn why your business MUST take notice of Mobility ? Or want to decide which app is a right fit for your business? Download your choice !

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