Posted by:Srini Bhopal February 13th, 2013

Social mobile or mobile social, as some call it, is growing into a significant marketing and collaboration tool for businesses. In recent news, Celtra, rich media mobile advertising company, announced an innovative social mobile media campaign with Mindshare and gaming industry giant Capcom that uses Facebook and Twitter platforms on mobile to deliver an engaging and entertaining brand engagement experience to a wide-ranging audience.

Consumer surveys reveal that customers want to connect with companies and businesses they’re interested in on social media. They want to know about the company, its events, offers and customer offerings while they choose to observe or participate in conversations. This works well for businesses too as it creates positive network chatter, and spreads brand awareness in trusted friend circles. People are more likely to try out brands that have been referred by friends rather than featured ads.

In the enterprise, social media is being harnessed to engage employees and customers, enhance brand awareness, and encourage innovation and ideas through community channeling. Social mobile leverages the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend by bringing corporate employees together on social platforms that can be accessed on mobile.

Building a social media network for the enterprise requires:

    • Planning
    • Social media policy development
    • Training (on the platform, social media etiquette and policy compliance)
    • Integration with existing systems
    • Marketing or advertising on Facebook
    • Social media management
    • Social media strategy
Social mobile combines the best of both worlds, making the experience far more rewarding than that on a desktop app. Mobile social apps thrive on the ‘mobile’ nature of users to generate or pull up contextual information. For example, GPS makes a users’ location visible on her corporate network. A mobile phone’s camera, microphone, NFC chipset, sensors, and connectivity options can be used to build experiences that are entertaining as well as value-adding. Examples include augmented reality and video chatting from anywhere, anytime.

Starbucks has a strong mobile social program that has slashed its costs of marketing per customer. It is a top 10 brand on Twitter with 3 million followers and has 900,000 followers on Instagram. It has 51 million monthly visits across its web and mobile platforms.

Social and media are deeply ingrained into our culture today. With social, we can share experiences with people we choose and with mobile, we can do it instantly. The flexibility of time and constant connectivity gives rise to countless magical possibilities – to innovate, reach out to new audiences, gather truly global insights, gain inspiration, be creative, and grow.

Social mobile is an amazing opportunity for enterprises to connect with their employees and consumers. The informality of social conversations breaks down barriers, bringing out genuine views, opinions, and ideas that help thought leaders build strategies and create change that ensures businesses stay relevant and inspired. It also helps CXOs recognize potential leaders in the organization for leadership development.

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